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One Piece Episode 971: release date, watch online and spoilers

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After reaching the last island, Laugh Tale, Roger has just announced to his pirate crew that Roger Pirates has been disbanded. Later, Oden returned to the Land of Wano and learned that Orochi is a new Shogun. He has also found out about all the plans that Orochi is planning. Oden has also discovered that Orochi has an alliance with Beast Pirates Kaido. Oden orders the seven Scabadards to protect his family while on his way to deal with Orochi. One Piece would focus on The Open of the Great Pirate Era.

Kinemon is surprised that Oden is going to attack Orochi. Oden told Toki to fear no more, and he realizes that Orichi’s men were trying to kill Momonosuke and Hiyori. Raizo advises Oden not to attack without a plan. Oden jumps out of the window and notices that he is leaving Kuri to them. He ran to Orochi Castle and remarked that he cannot allow a fool to take over Wano’s land. A weak fool took advantage of the period of isolation in which no one intervened.

Previously in One Piece Episode 970

Oden realizes that he cannot let people like Orocxhi turn this country into hell. Meanwhile, Orochi holds a banquet of treats. He believes his dream has come true since he waited for this since he was young. In the morning Oden passed at full speed, and Orochi’s men saw him. They report to Orochi that Oden is on his way to the castle. Orochi heard nothing because he is busy with women and drinks. He is celebrating that he has taken over the land of Wano. As he entered the Flower Capital, the citizens cheered that Oden has returned.

They say that Oden is the true heir and that he will become the real Shogun. Orochi’s rule would end at the same time that Orochi’s men began to attack Oden. They told Oden that this is Shogun Orochi’s castle; he cannot enter without permission. After hearing the samurai claim that this is Shogun Orichi’s castle, Oden was fired. He unleashed a style with two swords and slashed half of the samurai with one stone. Orochi heard the sound and discovers that Oden has invaded the castle.

Suddenly, the door leading to Orochi’s room was cut and a shadow of Oden appears. He calls out Orochi’s name and attacks Orochi. Orochi told Oden that Kaido will not spare him if he slices it. Oden’s attack was blocked by a shield and they wonder what’s going on. Oden tries to cut the shield and realizes it is made of glass. The old guy who worked with Orochi crossed his fingers and told Orochi not to be afraid. The old guy also told Orochi to trust his Barrier-Barrier technique.

Clone-Clone Fruits

Oden cannot cut the barrier with his sword. It has been revealed that the old dude is a Kurozumi Semimaru-A Biwa Playing Priest. He reveals that his barriers do not allow anyone to approach. Oden’s strength means nothing to his barriers, and the old witch arrives. The old witch reveals that if Oden was a pirate, he would have been familiar with this. She reveals that they are the superhuman powers of the Devil Fruits. The old witch is Kurozumi Higurashi. Oden realizes that those two oldies are magical users.

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Orochi is thrilled those slashes didn’t cut him, all thanks to the barriers. Orochi reveals how he fooled the citizens by using Higurashi’s powers. Higurashi can transform into Oden’s father with his powers. Orochi reveals he is not resigning; he is the new leader and the new Shogun. He also reveals that they are using Clone-Clone Fruits to turn into Oden’s father and fool everyone in the Land of Wano. Oden asks if his father is dead or if they have done anything to his father.

Meanwhile, the civilians were attacked by arrows that rained down from nowhere. When they looked up, they saw a large dragon in the sky of the capital. Later, Oden comes out and undresses in front of the civilians. Citizens are wondering what is going on as he has to save them. A year later, Oden receives news about Roger. Roger is about to be executed at the tower, and the pirates ask for his treasures. He told them to find One Piece’s greatest treasure. The soldiers beheaded Roger after giving his message.

One Piece Episode 971 Release date

One Piece Episode 971 will be released on Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 9:30 am. You can watch One Piece online at Crunchyroll Funimation and NetflixLet’s go to preview and the updates of the upcoming updates below.

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