Omegle Alternative Chats With Strangers

Omegle Alternative Chats With Strangers

2020 was one of the most memorable years for us. It marked the beginning of a new decade.

However, everything changed when the Covid-19 pandemic touch the world.

Then came the lockdown and working from home became the new norm.

You never signed up for this sh**.

For some it was exhausting staying at home all the time and some discovered a new way to connect with strangers.

One of those ways was Omegle. It is a site that connects you with random strangers in real time. You can send a plain text or meet them via video call.

Initially, the website was great, but with a sudden increase in viewership, Omegle has become overcrowded. Even that wasn’t enough, it’s missing when filtering 18+ live feeds.

So, how to avoid this?

For starters, you can try other sites like Omegle. Sites somewhat similar to Omegle, but with some improvements or necessary changes. If any of these websites meet your requirements, you can transfer them using Omegle to get the best experience. Let’s start now:


Tiny chat
Tiny chat

TinyChat is the first online video chat alternative to Omegle.

Started in 2009 as an online chat website, TinyChat has transformed into a video chat and voice chat website. Now, it allows you to talk to a group of people who have similar interests.

If you don’t want to join a group, TinyChat lets you create a room with your interests. The user will find you. But this time you are the administrator. You have the authority to add or kick out your followers. Apart from this, you can use TinyChat to watch live streams or online videos with the active members in your room.

That’s all about its features. Now let’s take a look at his performance. To date, the company claims to produce 5 million minutes of airtime per day. Some time ago, TinyChat added 3 monthly subscriptions Pro/extreme/gold for $4.14/$6.22/$37.49 per month to unlock premium benefits.


  • With TinyChat you have 12 video feeds in a room.
  • Room creators can add or remove members.
  • TinyChat allows you to watch videos and live streams with the MPs.
  • Smartphone apps are available for Android and iPhone users.


  • Upgrading will cost you real money.
  • Upgrading to Gold membership is quite expensive.
  • Limited features for free TinyChat users.



Chatroulette is the 2nd site that is the alternative to Omegle. Founded by a 17 year old boy named Andrey Ternovskiy in 2009, Chatroulette is considered one of the best sites like Omegle.

Andrey Ternovskiy got the idea to create an online video website from Skype and the name ‘Chatroulette’ comes from a 1978 movie ‘The deer hunter’.

Now that you come to the website itself, it’s similar to other sites like Omegle where you interact with completely random people. It’s a great alternative, especially if you prefer real-time video chatting over texting.

You can connect with millions of its users based on your interests, topics. However, sometimes this is about the board with some explicit topics.

Chatroulette then introduced a feature called “filtered chat” where you can opt out of some explicit topics. Even since its inception, Omegle has become a platform where inappropriate behavior is at its peak. And after several years of trial and error, Chatroulette has finally reached the point where it can effectively filter out inappropriate behavior.

Once you’re connected with a stranger, it’s up to you how you direct that conversation. If you say or do something inappropriate, the connected partner has an option to end the conversation with you.

And once the conversation breaks down, Chatroulette tries to match you with someone new.

Connect a webcam and microphone to your computer and you are all set to explore a new world of Chatroulette.

  • Old user interface.
  • No new features.
  • Only available on the website.

Rules for meeting strangers online

Now that you know what other sites care about, it’s important that you follow certain guidelines when using these websites. Otherwise you could get in trouble.

Remember that anything you do on these sites can be recorded and used against you. Don’t do or say anything that you might regret later. Your chat, text, audio or video can be easily recorded and used against you.

If someone is bullying you on sites like Omegle, report the incident and blacklist the user, and do the same if you see someone being bullied.

Sharing your personal information with a complete stranger could lead to you being the target of a professional scammer.

Before connecting with a stranger via video chat, make sure there is nothing personal like your family photo in your background. The background information could lead to someone tracking you down.

Last words

While these sites like Omegle are heavily moderated in real time, it is important that you stay away from smart scammers. Better to be safe than sorry. That’s all for now. If you think this post can teach your friends and family to stay safe, share it with them.

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