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Ocean of Movies
Ocean of Movies

Ocean of Movies is an illegal online website that uses the Internet to illegally copy movies and pass them on to other people. The content will be made available in stores before the release date and redistributed via streaming. This makes it a threat to the entire entertainment industry.

The public is desperate for new content as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to increase in the US and other parts of the world. With many cinephiles turning to easily accessible, illegally downloaded movies and entertainment shows while hanging around at home, the need for piracy has grown exponentially. Although the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was drafted by government officials, online piracy has become an even bigger problem.

It’s just a crime to download an illegal movie from the internet, even though you could go to war with the use of online piracy, it doesn’t mean the crime might not be punished in the future. There is a chance of getting a felony. One such torrent website is Ocean of Movies, which provides the link to the latest movies as illegal content.

To help you with in-depth knowledge about piracy and information about legal websites that offer you free movies, we’ve scribbled this article for further reference.

What is the ocean of movies?

The Ocean of Movies is an infamous movie download site that allows users to download illegal movies. This infamous online portal is responsible for streaming the latest English, Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil and more movies before they are released or as soon as they are shown in theaters. There was also an incredible collection of free HD movies of various genres, for which the website had attracted millions of visitors, notified cybersecurity officials and was often banned. Still, they come back with multiple domains, making it difficult for cyber authorities to work hard.

Why should you avoid the streaming Ocean of Movies?

The Ocean of Movies is an enterprise because of the content it offers. These illegal websites have stolen the content and streaming. The continuous operation of such websites has helped them to get stronger and stronger in the digital media field as they leak dozens of movies on the torrent website, which are available for download to attract the users. But the main thing to be noted is such illegal websites to get your attention, with favorite blockbusters not being a safe avenue to choose at all.

Illegal and Legal Alternatives to Ocean of Movies

As discussed above, we are all movie buffs and it will be calmer for us if we get it for free. But the problem is, if you type download movies for free in your search bar, you will be presented with a list of illegal websites that could grab your attention in no time. But as we mentioned before, the consequences that a user using an illegal website can have are more risky. In order to save you from such hassle, we have compiled a list of legal websites for you to check out and also a list of illegal websites for your attention.

illegal alternatives

Legal alternatives

Amazon Prime Video Disney + Hotstar NetFlix
Voot ZEE5 Sony LIV
MX player ALT Balaji Erose now
HULU HBO now Discovery
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