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With all these platforms battling it out during the ongoing streaming wars, viral series seem to be the selling point. However, if you’re not in the mood for a new series, you might feel nostalgia for the days when a two-hour movie could hold your attention instead of five hours of a new buzz TV show.

When you watch movies, the streaming giants of the world seem to be a bit more fickle in their choices. Netflix relies on original movies and the more recent box office cuts for its users, while HBO Max fills its catalog with a wide variety of movies from the inception of the feature film to the present day. When it comes to movies, Hulu is one of streaming platforms’ sleepy champions.

Good movies on Hulu are easy to find, as the platform has some of the best movies of the past thirty years on offer, as well as hidden gems from the burgeoning 2020s. Check out some of our favorite good movies on Hulu that we have listed for your viewing pleasure.

Gone girl

From the good movies on Hulu, 2014 Gone girl is definitely one of the most interesting. David Fincher succeeded the years 2011 The girl with the dragon Tattooing with Gone girl, but his efforts in 2014 gave us a whole different kind of story, driven by a strong female lead.

Ben Affleck stars alongside Rosamund Pike as he tackles some of the same media corruption issues he faces on a daily basis (if you follow the viral Affleck drops like us, you know what we’re talking about). In addition, Fincher turns out a rich, difficult story originating from Gillian Flynn with regard to gender roles, media toxicity and police incapacity with his usual aesthetically pleasing excellence.


Sideways may have gotten lost in the 2004 Oscar bait avalanche when the movie came out, receiving accolades in the shadow of giants such as Ray, Million Dollar Baby, and The kite. However, the film won the Oscar for Best Screenplay and was nominated for a handful of other awards for good reason.

Sideways is one of the toughest good movies on Hulu; the film presents a uniquely solid story of a heartbroken wine snob who takes his soon-to-be BFF on a tour of California’s wine country.

While Paul Giamatti’s depressed Miles Raymond tries his flirtatious friend Jack Cole (Thomas Haden Church) under control, he notices that he himself has bigger problems (and he could be invested in wine for reasons other than pretense). Sideways is great, but more importantly, it’s sweet, funny out loud, and one of the most engaging movies on Hulu.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Malcolm X

Commonly known as one of Spike Lee’s greatest achievements, 1992 Malcolm X is also one of the most important good movies on Hulu. Malcolm X brings The Autobiography from Malcolm X come to life on screen with one of Denzel Washington’s most celebrated roles as one of the foremost figures of the civil rights movement.

Author Lee brings his signature style to the movies, stylizing the true story of Malcolm X while showing cameos from important figures in the movement he led his entire life, which was cut short too soon. More than just one of the good movies on Hulu, Malcolm X is a must see.


And last but not least, Coherence is one of the most unique science fiction movies on Hulu. Unlike all the other movies on our list, Coherence is a very small film, making subtle waves only with the debut of director James Ward Byrkit. However, the film has an eerily real feel to it due to its lack of script and focus on improvised actors.

Coherence is a story in which alternative dimensions come together during a dinner (which was shot in the warden’s house). When a comet goes over the group of friends one night and everyone’s phones become unusable along with the power of the house, things get weird. When the group discovers that the world around them is no longer the way it once looked, things get downright scary.

If you are a sci-fi fan, be sure to check Coherence from. If you have a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, you should know that Nicholas Brendon aka Xander is one of the movie stars. Anyway, Coherence is one of the most original good movies on Hulu.

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