No Escape Room Ending Explained: What’s Happening to Michael and Karen?

No Escape Room is an American horror and thriller movie released in 2018. Recently, it has made its way to the Netflix screens and has been widely criticized for being an illogical and boring movie whose ending is not clearly understood. Everyone commented that this movie got off to a good start, but towards the end it became one of the worst horror thriller movies.

A lot of viewers couldn’t understand the ending, and today we’re here to answer all your doubts and questions about that as we’ll be explaining this entire movie in detail.

No Escape Room Ending Explained: What’s Happening to Michael and Karen?

Lead actor of No Escape Room

Plot sketched

This movie started with Karen, Michael’s daughter, and both father-daughter couples saw them go on vacation to relax and enjoy themselves, but it seems there were some other things planned for them that made their trip the worst decision ever for them. them. When they went on a trip, their car suddenly collapsed in between and they have to go to a nearby town to have it repaired by a mechanic. Deciding on all this, they both decided to have dinner at a nearby restaurant and tried to have fun doing this and spend their time enjoying it all.

Meanwhile, Michael attracts the attention of an advertisement about an escape room, and they both decided to visit there to have some fun. That escape room was a bit far in an old and miserable mansion, and they reached that mansion where they were welcomed by Josie, who described herself as the escape room host. When they got there, three people were already waiting to play the game, including Andrew and a few: Tyler and Melanie. Josie welcomes them with a welcome drink that sets their mood.

No Escape Room Ending declared

Karen and Michael: main characters of this movie

Josie then handed them a contract, telling them that “awake” is the code word to leave the game anytime in between. They were all given some time to figure out the clue, and before they started, they were shown a disgusting video that was about the inventor who resided in that mansion and was used to experimenting with the dead. Then the game begins and also the problems that they did not expect at all. They observed that room and found those clues, and when the door opened, they found themselves in a room full of clocks.

They were sure this mansion had more than one room. Slowly, they began to realize that there is really something wrong with that place, and they are caught in a trap with no exit doors. While the game was going on, Tyler announced the code word awake, and he was pushed back and was later found hanging dead from the ceiling. Only towards the end of it, Karen and Michael were left alive and all other participants have already died. Even Josie was found seriously injured in a closet and she also dies in between.

No Escape Room Ending declared

A glimpse from the No Escape Room movie

No Escape Room Ending explained

With this, the story begins to go towards the end. Karen and Michael were figuring out the ways to get out of that escape room, but they found it really difficult and lost hope. In fact, they both got divorced in the beginning, but towards the end they somehow meet again. After solving all the clues and many struggles, they were only able to exit the escape room because all other participants had already passed away. When they left, they discovered themselves in the restaurant bathroom.

It was the same restaurant they were visiting when their car collapsed. When they tried to unlock the car, they found that another lock appeared in the car, directly indicating that the game is not over yet. They will have to re-enter the escape room and solve all the clues and face it all again. Generally they got stuck in the course of a never ending game, and they can never escape the game of that scary mansion. With this, this film ultimately gives up a really illogical ending that was not understood by anyone.

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