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Ninnila Ninnila Release date, plot, cast and crew

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Ninnila Ninnila is an upcoming romantic comedy drama film set in Telugu and starring Ashok Selvan, Nithya Varma and Ritu Varma. The movie directed by Ani Sasi has yet to be released. See below for more details about the movie Ninnila Ninnila.

Ninnila Ninnila Cast & Crew:

The film stars Ashok Selvan, Nithya Varma and Ritu Varma in the lead roles, along with several other actors. The movie is written and directed by Ani Sasi. The film’s music and background score was composed by Rajesh Murugudesan, Divakar Mani provided the cinematography while the film was edited by Navin Nooli.

The film was produced by BVSN Prasad under its own banner SVCC Creations. This movie is a debut movie for Ashok Selvan in Telugu. Some parts of this film were reportedly shot in the UK as the story was set in the UK where Ashok Selvan will play an overweight chef.

Ninnila Ninnila first look and trailer:

The first look poster of the movie Ninnila Ninnila was recently released by the creators of the movie. the poster consists of Ashok, Nithya and Ritu Served in a plate of dining. The movie’s teaser and trailer have yet to be released, as filming has yet to be completed.

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Ninnila Ninnila Release date:

The release date of the film is still not final, as some of the footage is still left. The movie was actually scheduled to release in 2020, but now due to the COVID Pandemic, we can’t determine the release date for sure, so we’ll have to wait for more updates from the movie’s creators.

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