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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 8: Is Dr. Fuentes fired? Was Karen?

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Is dr.  Fuentes fired?  Was Karen?
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Is dr.  Fuentes fired?  Was Karen?React to New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 8 on NBC Tonight, We Know There’s One Thing Many People Wanted: The End Of Dr. fuentes.

Let’s face it: Michelle Forbes’ character was never meant to be popular. From the start here, she was set up as a central opponent for the season and a key defender of Dr. Max Goodwin.

Still, Ryan Eggold’s character found a way to get Karen on board by talking to the board and possibly throwing Fuentes overboard for good. It had to do with her view of undocumented immigrants in hospital. Sure, the board cares about dollars and cents, but can they really reject a young child in urgent need of care for factors beyond their control? Karen sided with Max and then she became his greatest ally.

Of course, talking to the board doesn’t mean anything is certain. You still need the board to agree!

Before we even got to the end of the episode, a lot of powerful things happened tonight, including Max trying to turn the cafeteria into a sanctuary to take care of some of his undocumented patients for a while longer.

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What happened to the vote?

This is where things got unreliable – the voices just weren’t there. Karen was a voice shy to let the plan come to fruition, and with that in mind, Veronica Fuentes stayed. Instead, we saw a vote to oust Karen from HER position and in the end she was the one to let go. This was a dramatic and terrible turn of events; Evan becomes the new CEO and now Max loses the one person who really wants to play by the rules.

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What did you think of the events of New Amsterdam season 4 episode 8?

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