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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 8: Release date, watch online and preview

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It seems that the systematic racism in the facility will continue to be present in the upcoming New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 8. As seen earlier in the season, Max is trying his best to eliminate inequality when it comes to the people of color. He approached the Chief Equity Officer, cut payments from leading physicians, and even asked Helen to join. In the end he comes to the fact that it will not disappear in one day. On the other hand, the facility recently had its National HIV Testing Day. He took on Bloom and Reynolds when they refused to grant his wish to freely house all HIV patients.

So anyway, here’s what happened before in New Amsterdam Season 3. Did Max manage to convince Bloom and Reynolds? Or did the legal way go as he intended? Plus, a look at what will happen when Max witnesses trouble with a working woman on the upcoming eighth episode of New Amsterdam Season 3. So let’s get started.

Summary for New Amsterdam Season 3

Earlier in Season 3 of New Amsterdam, the facility honored National HIV Test Day by Dr. George Helms. Whoever was part of the 1985 pandemic spoke about offering free care to HIV patients. Max deals with his daughter being kicked out of daycare, while Iggy throws a welcome party for Dr. Kapoor. Helen, on the other hand, is waiting for Mina to arrive in two days and is quite nervous. But she is completely shocked to see Mina appear at the facility on the same day.

A Still From New Amsterdam S03E08 with Dr. Helen and Jenet with Mina (Credits: NBC)

Floyd and Janet provide the first HIV patient Kwame who is positive and quite scared of it. He denies the reports and decides to run away. Max struggles with Luna until he sees a destroyed photo of Dr. Geroge Helms with the name Howie Cournemeyer. Max investigates more about this Howie Cournemeyer with help from Val. On the other hand, Helen comforts Mina who tries to be more of a friend than an aunt.

HIV conspiracy

Helen takes in a new HIV patient while watching Mina befriend someone with less good vibes. Max outside the facility contacts Howie Cournemeyer to find out what he has to say. The first HIV patient of the day Kwame returned passed out this time. Elder Shumway comes from church with him to comfort Kwame. As an elder, he realizes that Kwame has been with a man and has HIV. He’s leaving him.

The New Amsterdam HIV Conspiracy

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A Still From New Amsterdam S03E08 with Howie Cournemeyer (Credits: NBC)

Iggy still expects Dr. Kapoor arrives, but Agnes breaks the news of his resignation, leaving Iggy heartbroken. Iggy resolves the situation by calling Kapoor and confessing that he is sad about his dismissal. Howie tells Max all the lies and problems surrounding the institution that took place in the 1980s when it comes to the AIDS pandemic.

Floyd and Kwame have a heart-to-heart while Helen and Janet treat the very serious HIV patient. Max, after meeting Howie, decides to investigate and looks for Dale Rustin, who happens to be the institution with HIV. Dale Rustin confesses all that Helms did wrong with his gay friends and that he couldn’t donate because the facility forbade them from doing so.


Floyd tries to reconcile both Kwame and Elder. A way that doesn’t suit Janet when she realizes that Kwame can’t be who he wants. Helena confronts Mina with the boy she initially saw, while Max confronts Helms. So George Helms went to confess that he had thrown away the blood that could have saved many. Ella calls Iggy and tells him about Dr. Kapoor.

Howie helps Dale in New Amsterdam S03E08

Ella scolds a patient who doesn’t take HIV that seriously. In addition, Max introduces Dale to Howie, who will help him with HIV by donating blood. In this way, the gay blood ban was lifted and Howie became the first to do so. In the last moments, Janet helps Helen with Mina’s situation. Plus, everyone celebrates and says goodbye to Dr. Kapoor.

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