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Netflix, Prime and Hotstar can be regulated as cable TV; But support for self-regulation is growing

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Netflix, Prime and Hotstar can be regulated as cable TV; But support for self-regulation is growing

The discussion about regulating OTT platforms has been going on for some time and the government is looking at a new model for regulating content.

Read on to find out all the details!

OTT content to be regulated through cable TV

According to new reports coming in, the central government is drawing up guidelines for regulating OTT platforms. Senior government officials have disclosed that these guidelines will be derived primarily from the programming code prescribed in the Cable TV Network Rules, 1994.

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has the authority to take action against channels that violate the code. The code provides guidelines for the content that may or may not be broadcast.

The content on the streaming platform is not regulated as of now and has been up for debate for quite some time and every time offensive content is streamed, controversy regularly blows up.

A group of OTT platforms also came together last year under the Ministry of I&B to design a self-regulating code; it was also signed by 15 services in 2020.

Government sources have revealed that the content code is being finalized. Discussions are underway on how to make some of the provisions specific to OTT. Some examples include designating age ratings, providing a description of the content, or other access control measures.

According to the sources, the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeiTY) will also be involved to ensure that OTT platforms follow the guidelines while the OTT content is streamed over the internet. However, it has not been made clear that the guidelines will also apply to online news.

What does the cable TV code say?

Program code is governed by Rule 6 of the Cable TV Network Rules, 1994.

According to the code, the program that “offends good taste or decency, contains criticism of friendly countries, contains attacks on religions or communities, or images or words that disdain religious groups or promote common attitudes” should not be streamed via a cable car.

It also states that programs should not contain anything obscene, defamatory, deliberate, false and suggestive innuendo and half-truths, or that is likely to encourage or incite violence or contain anything contrary to the maintenance of law and order, or that is an antinational attitude. promotes.

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