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Netflix Officially Renewed the Popular Reality Show!

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Netflix Officially Renewed the Popular Reality Show!
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Reality shows have come so far and with Netflix getting their hands into that, I think the audience would go to enjoy all the latest content from this platform. Over time, thousands of reality shows came and the majority of them stayed over a long time. Netflix has recently started to serve their content from their Netflix Original list. Love is Blind is one of their popular reality dating show that gets massive success from the global audience.

After the release of the first season, fans were eagerly waiting for the release of the second installation of this reality dream. As for the audience, they were excited to see these kinds of reality dating apps. With the global pandemic, many of them were concerned about the production and of the series will come with another season or not.

The officials handled this quite well and take time for the release of another season. In between, the fun shifted towards another dating reality show and it seems like they are now forgetting about this series.

However, with the global pandemic getting over, the officials bring back the show. Love is Blind season 2 has recently made its appearance on the streaming platform with an amazing start. The new season brings back the new faces and the fans are just hoping to watch more seasons of it. So, do you think Netflix is ​​going to make another season? Can fans expect Love is Blind Season 3? Let’s dig into this article and know everything about it.

Love is Blind: A Dating Reality Show

Netflix Officially Renewed the Popular Reality Show! Love is blind and we all know that but the popular streaming platform Netflix proved this by creating their exclusive reality show where the partners find their significant one. Produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Coelen, the series follows around the p3eoples and their dating life in the show.

The series was initially released on March 5, 2020. Anyone who is completely into dating reality shows can easily compare this with the other shows, It would comparatively the same with the popular Love at the first sight series. Buts till, fans find the show interesting and that’s the reason why after the release of the first season, the show is already booked for its second installment.

The creator of this series, Chris has shared his idea behind the show and tells his views on the series. He wanted a dating reality show with is unique and will attract a global audience. The major reason why he landed the show on Netflix is ​​just because of how huge the platform is.

Chris, who is already the creator of yet another popular dating reality show, Too hot to Handle, showed how people can love each other without knowing their faces. At this time, the love is only compacted to the limitations and people are looking for more love stories that would make them feel love.

The basic idea behind this is to show the audience how a person can be loved without actually seeing them and that’s how we got the title “Love is Blind”.

Love is Blind Season 3: Will there be another season?

Love is Blind Season 3 Updates

In the case of reality shows, we already know that they extend to a longer time. There are rarely any series that are dismissed after one season. Fans of Love is Blind have already got obsessed about the show. The inspiring story and intriguing characters that came from different places and fell in love are completely amazing.

In 2020, the show made its first appearance and as the series continued and release its final episodes, Netflix confirmed the release of the second season. Not only this, at the same time, the streaming platform announced that the show is booked for the third season.

Love is Blind Season 3 is officially confirmed after the release of the first season. Fans who have already watched the latest Season 2 this year are waiting to know more about the future of the series.

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Love is Blind Season 3: When can we expect the Release Date of the Show?

Love is Blind Season 3 news

After the finishing of the second season, a lot of things were shattered and fans loved all those fights and drama on the show. As for the showrunners, they don’t leave a single option to let it go since the fans are investing a lot of the second season. A renewal of the series was confirmed but fans are also looking forward to the release of the third season.

The officials confirmed in the statement that the third season is already filmed. The production was started earlier and by now, everything has already been completed. Chris Coelen opens up about Love is Blind Season 3 and said, “Yes, we’ve filmed season three. Every season is unique. Season three is a very different being than either season one or season two.

He further added, “But for now, I’m excited just for people to see season two. They’re a great group of people, and I hope people enjoy it.”

Even after the confirmation of this, the officials have not revealed the release date. Earlier, the officials took a break from releasing the show because of the global pandemic. With editing and post-production, it seems like the series will release by the last of this year.

Even Digital Spy estimated the release of the reality show at the end of 2022 or in early 2023. We are also sticking to this news and believing that the showrunners will release at that time.

Love is Blind Season 3 Cast Updates: Who will be in it?

Love is Blind Season 3 Updates

Since the series is a reality show, it is unlikely for the previous contestant to return. The unscripted television series brings the individual and binds them with other people so that they can fall in love.

The main moto of the show is to find partners for single people. In the third season, we are going to meet with a bunch of new contestants who is single and looking for love. As for now, there are no updates that would be confirmed about the new faces.

However, the creator has already shared about the completion of the third season. It would take some time for them to officially confirm who is going to be in the third season. Until then, read more from our website and get all the recent updates about the world.

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