Netflix Lands ‘The 39 Steps’ Limited Series; Benedict Cumberbatch, Director Edward Berger “

Before getting into details, what is “The 39 Steps”. That’s where we should start, and that’s where we’ll start too. The 39 steps is an organization of spies determined to steal British military secrets. So that’s where the plot lies.

Our protagonist gets confused with the task of avoiding the spies, and in the process, he is falsely accused of the death of a counterintelligence agent. As exciting as it sounds, we know it will get better when you know it’s starring “Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Netflix lands 'the 39 Steps'

What can we expect?

The famous film is now being adapted into a limited series by Netflix and we believe the adaptation will bring the storyline that relates it to the present day. While we all admired and were in awe of Alfred Hitchcock’s version of it, now get ready to be surprised by the version of Edward Berger, who has already teamed up with Benedict on another limited acclaimed series, “Patrick Melrose”.

We can expect some evolved writing from Mark L Smith, who wrote ‘The Midnight Sky’. And who better than Benedict, who confused us all with his ‘Sherlock’, the TV series and yet another spy-preventive role in his movie ‘The Imitation Game’.

What do we all know?

Since the recent developments, only the main character has been announced, honed by Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Richard Hannay. While Hitchcock’s version had brought in two main female characters, the spy and a reluctant partner (who were not part of the actual book), we have yet to receive details of further character developments in the upcoming Netflix adaptation.

Since it is a limited run, you can expect the series to last 6 to 8 episodes. And with the show set to hit the sets in 2022, we don’t expect the series to be available before 2023. So, until then, sit in the chairs and relive Alfred’s version of “The 39 Steps” one more time.

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