Netflix cancels the animated series after 2 seasons

Netflix has reportedly canceled the popular animated series ‘The Hollow’. If you haven’t come across this gem of an animated series yet, let’s dig deeper. The animated series was created by Josh Mepham, Vito Viscomi, Greg Sullivan and Kathy Antonsen Rocchio.

The animated series is not the best animated series of all time for children. The Hollow is considered one of the most inventive and unique animated series on Netflix. The first season of The Hollow debuted in June 2018, and the second season was announced shortly after. The second season of The Hollow premiered a few years later on Netflix sometime in May 2020.

Netflix has canceled The Hollow.

The Hollow’s cancellation was quite shocking to fans. Back on August 31, 2020, the official Twitter account tweeted a small video with the caption Game Over. The tweet also contained a message suggesting that the creators had a fantastic time putting the show together. They also thanked the fans for the optimal support and passion.

Connor Parnall, one of the animated series’ voice artists, also said how blissful the journey has been in the series. Parnell also said he had no idea the animated series hadn’t been revamped in the first place.

The Hollow Season 3: Why was the animated series cancelled?

Netflix has not yet revealed an official reason for the cancellation of the animated series. It seems that the long gap between the first and second seasons and capturing a future could be one of the reasons.

There is another reason why the show was not very popular with viewers. So the streaming giant would have canceled it. Even the sheer lack of marketing for the show’s second season was insignificant. Netflix is ​​often criticized when it comes to promoting smaller TV series and animation programs.

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