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Nenjam Marapathillai Movie Watch online at Zee5 App Cast Crew Preview & Recap

Nenjam Marapathillai Movie Watch online at Zee5 App Cast Crew Preview & Recap
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One of India’s most anticipated films, “Nenjam Marappathillai”, hit theaters on March 5, 2021, that is, on Friday. The film was released in the Tamil language and did an absolutely great job at the box office and after playing in theaters for about 45 days, the film is all set to make its digital appearance on the big screen. Making the movie was a daunting task in itself as the production of the movie started at the beginning of the year 2016 and was completed by the middle of the same year, but the release of the movie was discontinued due to some internal as well as some external reasons including the introduction of GST tax.

Nenjam Marapathillai Movie Watch online at Zee5 App Cast Crew Preview & Recap

The genre of the movie, “Nenjam Marappathillai” is horror and directed by Selvaraghavan and produced by P. Madan under the production banner of Escape Artists Motion Pictures and GLO Studios. The film’s storyline is also written by Selvaraghavan, while the main cinematography is done by Arvind Krishna and is edited by Prasanna GK and distributed by Rockfort Entertainment. The running time of the movie is 142 minutes. The film has already been released on May 14, 2021 on the popular Indian OTT platform “Zee 5”.

Nenjam Marapathillai film: plot

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The plot of the movie, “Nenjam Marapathillai”, revolves around the character of an orphan girl named Mariama. She received an offer from a wealthy family to take care of a child, ‘Rishi’ whose parents are extremely wealthy. However, at first, Mariama felt quite uncomfortable, due to the indifferent and cold behavior of Rishi’s parents, but she managed to learn everything, including taking care of Rishi and also the housework. However, during her stay, she was harassed and abused by Rishi’s father, Ramsay. On one occasion, Ramsay and other servants sexually harassed and murdered Mariama. Later, her ghost takes revenge on the whole family.

Film by Nenjam Marapathillai: Cast

  • SJ Suryah in the role of Ramsay aka Ramaswamy
  • Regina Cassandra in the role of Mariam
  • Arvind Krishna in the role of Kalyan
  • Nandita in the role of Swetha

Nenjam Marapathillai Movie: Review & OTT platform

The movie “Nenjam Marapathillai” is absolutely thrilling and very entertaining and there are certain scenes in the movie that will give you goosebumps. So if a thriller and horror movie is your thing then you have to try it for this movie. This movie has absolutely everything a horror movie needs and you won’t be disappointed after watching this movie. The movie has already been released on the OTT platform, “Zee 5” on May 14, 2021. We’ll keep you posted, until then, stay tuned with us.

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