NASCAR 2021 Daytona 500 Live Stream: Watch Online, TV Coverage Guide, Date & Start Time

Here we have everything you need to know about 2021 NASCAR Daytona 500 live stream and all the other information that will help you learn more about the race. This will be the first NASCAR Cup Series race of this season. The first race will decide who will be the gold player of this racing season.

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The world’s most popular racing tournament in history is now waiting outside your door. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming Daytona 500. Its speed and fad have always thrilled viewers.

Daytona 500 is a 500 mile race and there will be a total of 200 rounds in this game. Okay, guys, let’s stop talking and begin our journey through the 2021 NASCAR Daytona 500.

Daytona 500: date, time and location

People from all over the world kept their eyes on Dayton Beach as this is where the Daytona 500 will take place. Every year, the world’s most popular Daytona 500 racing event takes place in Dayton Beach in Florida, United States.

The 2021 Daytona 500 will take place on February 14, with the race starting at 2.30 ET. This is a full week race schedule, there will be 16 race events in total. This racing event takes place from February 9th to February 14th. On February 14th we will see the last race which is the main attraction of all, the last race.

How to Watch the 2021 NASCAR Daytona 500 Live Stream:

Daytona 500 is one of the most honorable racing events in the world. It’s the start of the 2021 NASCAR championship event, so this event has extra attention you can’t deny. All our legendary drivers arrived at the location with their lucky car. It’s time we hit the screen to enjoy the greatest racing event in history. Let’s see what are the options we have for streaming NASCAR Daytona 500 live.

The very first option to watch the race is to watch it live from the race track. But it won’t be that easy and only a few people will get this opportunity. Last year there were more than 1.50.00 people on the track, but this year the number will be even less. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most fans will have to watch from home. And if you want to see the race event live, you can book the ticket through their official website. Ticket price starts from $ 95.

Most fans will enjoy the race from their convenient location. We can use two options to stream the race live from home. Your first choice is TV cable line and the second option is online streaming platforms. Let’s see where Daytona 500 will be available and which streaming platform is best for you.

How to Stream 2021 Daytona 500 with TV Cable Line:

Live streaming something with TV Cable Line is always fun and easy. It is the traditional way to watch a live program. From the start of the Daytona 500 Event TV cable line that provides us with this service. Let’s see which channel will be broadcasting the event.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports has been the main broadcaster of the Daytona 500 since 2001, exceptions occurred in 2002, 2004 and 2006. Except for these years, the race has always been broadcast by Fox Sports. They are the main source of the Daytona 500 live stream. In the past, racing events were broadcast on many channels. NBC, ABC, EST were the main broadcaster at the time. But now Daytona has had a deal with Fox Sports since 2001. The entire event will be available on Fox Sports. If you plan to watch the race using a TV cable, Fox Sports is your channel. You can stream the event live on Fox Sports. Make sure Fox Sports is available near you.

Access to NASCAR Daytona 500 Live Streaming via Online Platforms:

Besides the traditional ways of streaming something live using the TV cable, nowadays we have so many effective and better options. Daily online live streaming platforms consumed the popularity of TV cable lines. Let’s see where our Daytona 500 will be available for streaming on the online platforms.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a popular online streaming service. They are available at very reasonable prices. Hulu with Live TV is especially famous for its movies and series. They have released so many great movies over the years. In addition to the film, you can stream live sports here. The live streaming platform comes with so many channels including Fox Sports. So you can live stream NASCAR Daytona 500 with Hulu + Live TV. To get a Hulu + Live TV subscription, it will cost you $ 64.99.

Sling TV

Sling TV has two subscriptions for its customers, the Orange subscription and the Blue subscription. Each of the costs $ 30. By combining the two, you get a $ 15 discount and access to ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ACC Network, FOX, NBC, FS1, FS2 and NBC Sports Network etc. So you can watch the 2021 Daytona 500 live stream with Sling TV . To get both plans from Sling TV, you have to pay $ 30.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is one of the best known online live streaming platforms for sports. If you have a subscription to Fubo TV, you no longer have to worry about streaming every event live. With Fubo TV you can get more than 150+ channels. So with Fubo TV you can watch the live stream of any kind of event like music, movie, sports etc. Fubo TV also includes Fox Sports, so from Fubo TV you can watch the whole race. The subscription costs of Fubo TV are $ 80 per month.


Undoubtedly, DAZN is now in charge of all online live streaming servers. They control and maintain the largest market. DAZN also broadcast all events of the NASCAR racing tournament. So you watch the race with DAZN. If you already have a DAZN subscription, that’s okay unless you have to buy their subscription to watch. It will cost you $ 19.99 for a monthly plan and $ 99.99 for an annual plan.

PlayStation Vue:

PlayStation Vue is another live streaming media offering you NASCAR Daytona 500 to watch. The name used to confuse viewers, but this has nothing to do with PlayStation or anything like PlayStation. This is not an app only available on PlayStation, or we didn’t need a PlayStation to watch the event with PlayStation Vue. It is a live streaming platform like ten other platforms. To watch the race event with PlaystationVue it will cost you $ 54.99 for the subscription.

NASCAR Track Pass (official)

Track Pass is a live streaming platform maintained and monitored by NASCAR. It is their official live streaming server to broadcast NASCAR racing events online. By using this server you can watch the entire NASCAR race including the Daytona 500 live stream. The Track Pass monthly subscription fee is $ 15 and the annual subscription fee is $ 125. It is the best option for those only interested in racing events.

How to watch NSACR Daytona 500 live from around the world:

This is a car racing event in the USA. But his fan base and popularity has spread around the world. People from all over the world really love racing events and when it comes to Daytona 500 fans are going crazy. In the US, you can stream the event live with Fox Sports and a variety of online platforms.

Now let’s take a look at global streaming options to watch the event.


The British fans are loving the upcoming Daytona 500 race as usual. Some of them have also sailed to the US to enjoy it live. If you are from the UK you can enjoy the event with Primer Sports. They are the official broadcaster in the UK. The subscription fee for Primer Sports is £ 11.99. You can also get Primer Sports on Sky Network and Virgin Media.


The Australian has a huge fan base of Daytona 500. They love all kinds of racing events. In Australia, Foxtel is the main live streaming server. But this Foxtel won’t be broadcasting a racing event, so Australian fans should use something else. If you are from Australia you can watch the event on Kayo Sports.


Most Canadian fans use the TSN network to watch sports. This year, TSN is broadcasting the Daytona 500 live stream in Canada, so if you’re from Canada this is your channel to watch. TSN comes with a TV cable so you can easily watch the show, but if you don’t have cable you can use TSN apps or their official website to watch the event.

Watch 2021 NASCAR Daytona 500 Live wherever you want:

There are few countries where none of these online platforms or TV channels are available, as we mentioned above. If you are from this area or are there now, but you don’t want to miss the event, this is for you. If you’re using a VPN, you can watch the Daytona 500 live stream from anywhere you want. This will help move your IP address and so you can watch wherever you want.

NASCAR Daytona 500 TV coverage:

Let’s take a look at some other countries and their TV channels where Daytona 500 coverage will be available.

  • The Asia Pacific – Fox Sports 3 Asia
  • Denmark – TV3 Sport 1
  • Ireland – Eir Sport 2
  • Germany – Motorvision TV
  • Netherlands – Ziggo Racing

Ways to watch the 2021 NASCAR Daytona 500 Race for free:

Daytona 500 is not a pay-per-view event, so it’s officially free and you don’t have to pay extra for this. But this free service is only available through the TV cable. To watch the Daytona 500 live stream on the online platforms for free, it will cost you money. To avoid these charges, you can go to that streaming platform that offers you free days pad. You can also watch the race for free on some social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

How do you listen on the radio:

Radio is also a very popular way to get to know the results of sports. Many blind people use radio to learn more about the Daytona 500. There are three radio stations available for you to listen to. These are MRN, PRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. MRN is the official radio station to broadcast this event, but you can still listen to one of these stations for the entire event. SiriusXM is a paid radio channel. To listen with SiriusXM it will cost you $ 20.99.

Speakers and crew:

A game always gets an extra kick and is entertained if they respond well. That’s the hardest and most important thing in any game, displaying events for the viewers and listeners. This year we will see Mike Joy as the booth announcer round by round. We’ll see Jef Gordon and Clint Bowyer as Color Commentator’s booth announcer. The television side of Pit Road is provided by the Vince Welch. And in the role of race analyst, we see the famous award-winning crew Larry McReynolds.


Well, we’ve shared almost every possible way to live stream NASCAR Daytona 500 2021. If we miss a point, let us know, we are happy to help you. Enjoy the Daytona 500 with your friends and family.

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