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Nanna Prakara Movie Review and Rating | Priyamani, Kishore | Vinay Balaji

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Popular Kannada actor Dharshan is known for the films he wants to work on. Vinay Balaji, a debut film director who was a renowned VFX employee in Shah Rukh Khan Company ‘Red Chillies’, directs Nanna Prakara.

The title could be freely translated as “What comes around comes around”. It can be viewed in both a positive and a negative sense. The name refers to Karma. What you do to someone is somehow reversed to you. If a minor mistake is neglected, it can have a huge impact on someone else’s life, which is at the heart of the movie’s storyline. The story is portrayed from a unique point of view.

Name of the movie Nanna Prakara
Star Cast Kishore, Priyamani, Mayuri Kyathri and Arjun Yogi
Film genre Suspense, thriller
Director Vinay Balaji
Music director Arjun Ramu
DOP Manohar Joshi
Producer Kiran K Talasila
Production company GRP combines
Movie running time 1 hour 58 minutes
Category censorship UA
Release on 23 August 2019

“The story is multi-dimensional and consists of three different stories that become intertwined through the incidents that occur as the film progresses. All these events lead to a crime. Vinay explained himself.

“I think the story of the movie is what I first saw as a short film. As the story progressed, it turned out to be a great movie. We need talented artists to convey this story to the public. But I am new as a director. Priyamani, Kishore, Mayuri and others have freely told the story. Don’t miss this movie. says Balaji.

Priyamani and Kishore played in most of the South Indian cinemas. They have a huge fan base across their own states and multiple languages. They considered this their own movie and agreed to promote it after the trailer was out. And now the remake is being processed. He added.

Vinay who had previously worked as a popular VFX editor promised the movie will have some graphically great scenes. The storyline doesn’t offer enough plot for graphics, but he agreed that audiences will be pleasantly surprised to see its clever use in the movie.

Nanna Prakara Movie Review

We’ve seen a string of thrillers in the Kannada movie industry and they all manage to impress more than the last. And Nanna Prakara is no exception. The film is an impressive thriller.

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Writer-director Vinay Balaji has done a great job of merging three different stories into one. Special credits must be given to the scenario. It’s crunchy and captivating. The length of the movie is also perfect.

When it comes to thriller, the performance of actors is so important. And experienced actors Priyamani, Kishore gave great performances. The rest of the actors did their job quite well too.

Overall, we can say that the film lives up to its catchphrase ‘Multi-Layered Thriller’. And the layers are compelling and poignant making the film a perfect thriller.

Rating: 3/5

If you haven’t watched the trailer for the movie, you can watch it here:

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