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Naandhi Movie Review – A fair and emotional rate

Naandhi Movie Review – A fair and emotional rate
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Naandhi Movie Review – A fair and emotional rateBOTTOM LINE

A fair and emotional rate


2 hours and 21 minutes, ‘U / A’ certified.

Allari Naresh - Naandhi ReviewWhat is the movie about?
Surya Prakash (Allari Naresh) is an honest man who works as a software employee. He has a happy family and will soon be married to a girl he falls in love with.

Sadly, Surya Prakash’s world is turned upside down when he becomes involved in a murder case by CI Kishore. What happens next? How Surya fights the system and understands the power of Section 211 through Aadhya (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) is what the movie is about?

How is Allari Naresh’s performance?
Allari Naresh has come up with his best act of the past decade Naandhi. There is a remarkable maturity to his action, along with an intensity not to be missed. He’s tried this in some of his recent endeavors, but it’s getting the best out of this movie.

There are mainly two running pieces that brilliantly highlight his act. They are designed for that purpose, of course, but the point is that they work. One is Allari Naresh’s walk around the pre-interval. It shows his helplessness and sorrow. The other is when he gets out of court after the recess. Here too he has tears, but it is with a hint of relief. These cases show the artist in him. The rest of the film has enough to make it a special effort for him.

Vijay KanakamedalaDirected by Vijay Kanakamedala?

Vijay Kanakamedala directs Naandhi. It’s part police proceedings and part courtroom drama. The story is simple, but it is the story with those elements that make the difference.

The beginning of the movie is slow when the ‘shock’ factor moments are over. It is because of the typical and predictable character building and scenes with family ties. But they are necessary to set the drama for what will unfold next.

The actual story of the movie begins when Surya Prakash is arrested on false charges by a police officer. There’s a lot of brutality and pain to be seen in this segment, bringing the story close to the interval mark.

The interrogation and family drama are all done with intensity and impact. The various seeds for the second half are also expected to be well placed. More than melodrama and torture sequences, however, can be depressing for a few.

The pause marking inspires hope, and one waits to see how the procedure will go in the second half. The ‘justice’ angle is positive and arouses interest in what lies ahead.

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The second half opens with Section 211 as the main point. The story turns into a thriller mode with drama in equal measure. The courtroom sequences are key here, and they’re handled well to a great extent.

However, as the movie goes on, there’s a wobble due to the utterly predictable elements. That they are still being told poignantly is what makes someone stick to the whole thing.

The ending is slightly overboard with the melodrama aspect. It could have been toned down a bit to give some extra space for the content.

Overall, Naandhi is a well-intentioned, hard-hitting, realistically designed courtroom drama that deals with Section 211. It is a weapon of justice for the commoners. The noble intentions and fair execution make Naandhi an absolute one-off watch. However, the stomach cramps should be kept in mind.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and others?
All roles in the movie are cast according to requirements. Nor are they beyond necessity. Navami Gayak is technically the heroine. She’s decent and doing her little part well.

However, the real ‘hero’ of the film is Varalaxmi Sarathkumar who plays the role of lawyer Aadhya. She turns the story around with her arrival as a hero would and also takes it to a ‘heroic’ ending. Varalaxmi did the part very well. She exudes a natural self-confidence, which comes in handy here. It’s a role that would certainly be memorable in her career.

Harish Uttaman takes on a long-lasting negative role after a hiatus. He delivers the requirement without missing a beat. Praveen, like a helpless friend, is perfectly cast. However, it looks like he’s getting typecast in these parts. Priyadarshi is reliable as usual. Srikanth Aiyyengar is good. He makes small gestures accurately. It makes a lot of difference in the procedure. Devi Prasad, Pramodini, Vinay Varma and the rest fit neatly into their short roles and do well.

Music Director-Sricharan-PakalaMusic and other departments?
Sri Charan Pakala is the film’s music director. He is quickly gaining fame for his background score. Sri Charan does not disappoint with Naandhi on that point either. Sid’s cinematography is neat. The assembly is okay. Abburi Ravi’s writing is adequate and makes his presence felt in a few series.

Priyadarshi- Naandhi ReviewHighlights?

Slow parts at first
Bloody and torturous images (not necessarily for everyone)
Some predictable scenes
Over-melodrama in parts

Harish UthamanTake alternative
Toning down the melodrama and adding some depth to the background case and court proceedings would have taken the film further to the next level.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, for the most part

Will you recommend it?

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