Naagin 5 September 13 Episode Written updates Full Epi video and latest spoilers

Naggin 5 is a supernatural drama series that airs on the Colors Tv channel. The story centers on a snake woman who sets out to take revenge and regain her life while facing many obstacles on the journey. The 5th edition of the series continues to receive a lot of opinions and positive reactions from the public. Naagin 5 is one of the highest rated daily soaps on television and the storyline is quite engaging.

Naagin 5 Episode dated September 13

Surbhi Chanda, the actress who stars in the series, has taken over the internet to share the final look in the episode. She has shared a video in which she performs the traditional dance Taandav. Hence, more drama and entertainment can be expected from the latest episode of Naagin 5. Check out the Instagram post the actress created below to share her thoughts in the caption. She has also written about how intense it was to record the video of the dance.

Naagin 5 Written updates from the Sept. 13 episode

The episode opens with Bani making a vow that she will not let history repeat itself and let her love die. She would rather kill the cheel vansh, and let everything happen differently. On the other hand, Bani’s family is seen preparing for the Roka ceremony for her older sister, and Bani tells her sister about the plan she designed. The plan involves killing the Icchadati cheel and not allowing the engagement to take place.

When Jay calls Bani, she reveals her plans and assures nothing will happen like in the past. Bani’s family reaches the Veer’s house when the party starts, but Veer is nowhere seen. This is when his father’s staff reveals that he is regaining his powers when the sunlight hit him today. Bani tells the form of naagin and starts attacking every cheel in the house. While her sister and Bani learn to understand many secrets about the house and the illegal things. Veer’s siblings make him aware of Bani and her intentions, saying he will take care of the rest. He and Bani have a fight of words and he has a flashback from the past.

Jay comes in here, and asks Feather to stay away from bani. Bani tells Veer that the day Veer and Meera get married, the day of the lady at the same time and location, Bani and Jay will also get married. Jay later confronts her about her decision and asks her to be safe. While Jay goes home, he reveals everything to his family, but the family doesn’t seem to agree with this decision. More will be featured in the upcoming episodes, so stay tuned for more exciting updates on

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