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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 6: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 6: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview
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The class A and class B training battle has recently started. Izuku noticed everything he saw when the first two teams collided. Now it is his time to show what he can do with his team. The heroes want to settle this once to determine which class is stronger between Class A and B. In the first match, Shinso’s Qurk managed to disrupt the teamwork of the Class B team. Combat practice ended with a victory for the Class A team. The second combat practice is about to start with Izuku leading his team.

Before the fight starts, Pro Hero Shota Aizawa, who uses Erasure Qurk, talks to the students. He said they should tell him what they learned about what they would have done during the initial combat training. Ejiro notes that if he’s not trying to fight his opponent, it’s hard for his Quirk to be useful. He thinks if the training had been a real battle, he would have been killed if Shiozaki had caught him. Ejiro Kisishima is a college student training to become a Pro Hero, using Hardening Quirk. He realizes that his Quirk was ineffective during the fight.

Previously in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5

Koji Koda, who uses an Anivoice Quirk, realizes he needs to provide more detailed instructions for the bugs. Denki Kaminri, who uses an Electrification Quirk, notes that he did great during the first training fights. He asks them if he hasn’t let them love, and they can go on and love him. Denki notes that love is not something they can control, and they can go ahead and love him.

Tsuyu Asui, who owns Frog Quirk, notes that Koda and Kirishima aren’t that good to lose. But they lost, and she wished she could have won without losing. Hitoshi Shinso, who owns Brainwashing Quirk, realizes he could have used a tenth of what he learned. Realizing he was frustrated, Shota told the students that they couldn’t work harder if they plan it properly. Shota reveals that it took him six years to master that technique.

He advises Shinso not to forget the frustration as he proceeds. Yuga Ayama, who owns Navel Laser Quirk, notes that the two who went on work studies have serious reflections. Henta Sera notes that they would expect that from those two. He realizes that they have witnessed an intense fight. Shota told Ejiro to focus on setting up his opponent for the head-0 fight. He told Koja to do what he thinks as he has a sharp brain.

He also told him to increase the accuracy with which he controls the animals. Shota said that Koja should not fight from the front, and that he should think about the weakness of his enemy. He told Denki he wasn’t serious about fighting at first as he couldn’t use his true power until his teammate was defeated. Shota told Asui to think about fixing their mistakes, but not her mistakes first. He concludes that they can use what they have learned today in their training.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 6: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview

My Hero Academia Season 5

Dark shade

Although Shinso won, he is painfully aware of his own inexperience. But instead of getting depressed, he decided to get ready for the next game. Pro Hero Midnight, who uses Somnambulist Quirk, is impressed with Shinso’s performance. She notes that it’s great that Shinso is fresh. Meanwhile, Pro Hero Vlad King, who uses Blood Control, explains to his team why they lost.

He told them they knew, and Izuku plans with his team how to beat Shinso. The announcement for the second combat training starts later. The battle begins and Tokayami uses a Dark Shadow to crush his opponents. During the fight, Tokoyami realizes he has learned to fly from Pro Her Hawks. Showing his never-flying movement, Izuku notices Tokoyami using Dark Shadow floats. Tokoyami fights with a man who shares the same fate with him.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 6 Release date and preview

The latest My Hero Academia season 5, episode 6, will be released on Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 5:30 PM. My Hero Academia is available to view online AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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