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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview
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It is the first time that Izuku stays in school; the heroes are given new costumes at the end of the second semester. Class B challenges Class C in UA High School’s Hero Course. They get involved in the struggle to see which class is better. Shinso wants to switch to the hero course and he is included in the fight. He met Izuku, and they glare at each other. The first game started and Class A was already in trouble. Earlier before the match started, Class B was talking about Quirk Brainwashing.

Shinso reveals that a Quirk holder must first turn attention to the target, thinking he will brainwash this person. If the Quirk hold doesn’t miss the target, the brainwashing is complete. He explains how the target will go to his command. He also realizes how he would meet Izuku during a fight. If the target gets a certain level of shock, it loses its effects.

Previously in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5

Shinso reveals that he’s never tried using Quirk Brainwashing, but it’s impossible to brainwash many people at once. This would be the first time that they have tested this new technique. Shinso reveals that the targets would be split, which is why he cannot brainwash many targets. But it’s a strong move to use for someone who hasn’t seen it before. Hitoshi Shinso would be the class B ace as he is the only one to own Brainwashing Quirk as the class B triumph chariot.

He explains to the others how his Quirk would play a part in this battle. He also revealed how he would manipulate the opponents using different words to fall on his traps. Shinso set his example by using Izuku’s name, as Izuku is their main target. They know that if they defeated Izuku for the first time, other opponents wouldn’t make it difficult for them. Denki Kaminari, who uses Electrification Quirk, also comments on how his Quirk would play an important role in battle.

Denki said it would be easy, but it’s hard when the details of Shinso’s Quirk come out. Shinso shows them a voice modulator mask called Persona Cords. If his voice goes through a microphone or megaphone, it loses its effect and it is difficult for him to use his voice. But due to the variation and resonance of different records, the mask can change the tone of Shinso’s voice and make it instantly audible. Tsuyo Asui, using a Frog Quirk, notes that it is a voice changer.


My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5

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Eijiro Kirishima, using Hardening Quirk, notes that Shinso would be unbeatable. In the present, the high-ups announce that the game is starting. Both class members are getting ready to do what they planned. Eijiro worries that they aren’t done planning yet, but they would. Shinjo and his crew went up to meet Jurota Shishida. Jurota began to pulverize Shinzo’s crew. Shinso dubbed Kosei’s Tsubaraba voice and orders Jurota to do whatever he wants.

Kosei uses Solid A Quirk and can’t believe Shinso can use his voice. Kosei wonders how Shinso managed to brainwash his Jurota. Shinso decided to attack before Jurota woke up, and Kosei blew a solid ice cube to stop Shinso’s attacks. Kosei unleashes Air Prison that immobilizes Shinso, and tries to wake Jurota while Shinso is still frozen. Shinso tries to break the ice cube, but Kosei realizes that Shiozaki has told him what it feels like to be brainwashed by Shinso’s Quirk.

Denki attacks with his Electrification Quirk, but Kosei jumps and Jurota is shocked. But Jurota manages to make Denki fly, and Tsuyo attacks with Frog Quirk. She wraps Kosei with her tongue and Denki told her to take Kosei to prison. Jurota manages to get out of the trap and attacks Denki for shocking him with electricity. Izuku and the others find that Shinso and his crew are powerful.

Izuku told his crew not to worry about how powerful their opponents are. Because Class A has Koji Koda, which owns an Anivoice Quirk. After a long fight, Jurota told Shinso that he would no longer be brainwashed. He attacks with Apocabeast, but Tsuyo knocks him to the ground. Izuki watches the fight with others and records everything that happens.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Release date and preview

The latest My Hero Academia season 5, episode 5, will be released on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 5:30 PM. My Hero Academia is available to view online at AnimeLab Crunchyroll, and Funimation

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