Mx Player Android App Review: User Interface, Content and More

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Best Web Series on Mx Player

Mx Player Android App Review: I still remember the old days when Mx Player was just a video player and we use it to watch Mxk extension movies and series, Mx Player was one of the best video streaming apps of the time, but now Mx ​​Player is a prominent Ott app in the market and they come with back-to-back web series and movies.

Here in the post we are going to tell you more about the Mx Player android mobile app, we are going to talk about the user interface, content quality and many more aspects of the mobile app.

User environment

One of the best in the Indian market, the app is just great, the search menu works perfectly and the mobile app is very stable, the download speed is quite good, sometimes excellent. The movies and series are categories by genre, languges and many other categories.


The best on the market, there are huge no. from originals, old movies, dubbed south movies and dubbed Hollywood movies, Mx Player is also in the news for their originals, they come with back-to-back blockbusters orignal like Aashram, Bhaukal, Raktanchal and more. You can also watch a great number of Hindi dubbed movies from Englihs and southern laguges.


The best thing about the Mx Player is, it’s free and they offer such a large amount of content, but there is one drawback – they show too many ads between the videos and that annoys the viewers. Mx Player is coming soon with the paid plan and after that we would update the prices of the app.

Great originals

Some of the best content of Mx Player is Aashram, Raktanchal, Bahukal, Mastram and many others. You can also watch Hindi dubbed version of Southern blockbusters like World Famous Lover and many others on Mx Player Android app.

This was all about the Mx Player Android App overview, what do you think about the Mx Player OTT app, let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates with reviews like this one, stay tuned with us.

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