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Moviesbaba Website: Download HD Bollywood & Hollywood Movies – Is It Legal?

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There are numerous websites on the Internet that offer free movies online. But they are not legal. But among them Moviesbaba has become popular lately and has grown big enough. It has gained popularity for the best work it offers while uploading the best Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hollywood movies. But using these websites to download movies sometimes puts you at risk. So here we will discuss Moviesbaba in detail.

What is Moviesbaba website?

Moviesbaba is a private website that uploads the top recent movies from Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam online. The site also uploads the latest Bollywood movies. Sometimes the site uploads the movie even before it’s released in theaters. Thus, according to recent surveys, it is one of the largest online movie download sites.

How Moviesbaba came to be?

The site started as a small private website uploading the Tamil and Telugu movies and with the passage of time it started uploading the Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well. It started to gain popularity, it has uploaded videos on the site even before being released in theaters at times. Now it has become one of the largest free movie download sites.

How does Moviesbaba work?

The website will upload the movies online within a few days of release and sometime before the movie’s theatrical release. It helps the visitors to download their favorite movies easily. There are movies in a different type of HD quality available on the site. But since the site is free, it will show some ads while you try to download the movie and that’s how it makes money.

Is it safe to download movies with Moviesbaba?

Moviesbaba is a website about piracy. It will show ads while downloading the movie, and all these things can expose your data and make it vulnerable to hackers. So it is clear that using these types of sites is dangerous.

Is it legal to use Moviesbaba?

The site promotes piracy that is illegal in our country by law of the Indian government. Instead of using these types of websites, we prefer that you use the paid sites for downloading movies.

List of Moviesbaba alternative websites

There are several websites available on the Internet. But Moviesbaba has gained much popularity than the others. And it has come out as one of the best websites online offering some of the best movies online for free. So here is the list of some of the websites that are similar to Moviesbaba.

Unique features of Moviesbaba

We had mentioned before that the site had gained popularity than the current one, so there’s a reason it got its reputation. Its unique features and beneficial properties have attracted much more attention in themselves than others. So let’s see what is the reason the site has become more popular.

  • The site uploads the videos of recent hit movies almost 2 to 3 days after the release every time. This is why people are more drawn to seeing the movie soon. And the site is increasing its traffic.
  • It uploads the movies in different HD qualities. And while the visitor tries to download the movie, the person gets a chance to choose the HD quality such as 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p and 1080p. In this way, there are numerous options for the user to download the movie.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface makes downloading easier without any complicated steps and troublesome procedures. And that’s another of the main reasons people are so attracted to the site.
  • The site is a piracy website that the government blocks over and over as soon as they get a glimpse of it. But the site owner is also smart enough to keep changing the active URLs and save the site in different locations using a VPN.


Moviesbaba promotes piracy and uses it to illegally download the movie. Using the website will therefore put you in an unfavorable situation. You may be subject to punishment and fine under the law. So we prefer that you do not use any of these websites, but use the legal websites and stream videos safely.