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Mouse Episode 12: release date, watch online and preview

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Mouse Episode 12 is about to release next. So 11 episodes of the drama were broadcast. The Mouse is an ongoing South Korean drama. Starring Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Joo Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin. The Mouse is a crime thriller drama that holds the ratings. The drama performs very well and also gets a lot of appreciation from the viewers. It even surpassed the rest of the dramas, achieving the highest ratings in tvN among Wednesday Thursday’s drama of the past two years. The drama was in pre-production for a long time.

From 2020, the drama kept a good grip on the dazzling news about the drama. The drama began filming shortly after the cast was completed. And it was finally released on March 3, 2021. With a total of 20 episodes, the drama is currently doing great and has successfully caught the attention of its numerous fans around the world. Mouse is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday on the original tvN network. Each episode of the drama lasts approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes and will air on May 12, 2021. A special episode of the drama was also released on April 7 with a duration of 60 minutes.

South Korean drama “Mouse” plot analysis

The cast of the K-Drama Mouse

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The overall story of the drama revolves around the life of a novice police officer. He works honestly and is loyal to his job. His life was going well until one day; he came across a case that stunned him. The psychopathic serial killer runs into him and it blew his mind. He and his fellow officer try to investigate the incidents related to the serial murder case. The main characters of the drama include Jung Ba Reum, Ko Moo Chi, Oh Bong Yi and Choi Hong Joo. The incidents about the brutal and mass murders of a psychopath lead to fear among the citizens. Police officer Jung Ba Reum decides to solve the mystery together with Ko Moo Chi.

A sudden encounter with the psychopath completely changes Jung Ba Reum’s life. However, he survives the deadly encounter with the psychopath, but has problems with his own identity revelations. From understanding psychopathic behavior to actually developing psychopathic behavior, there is a fine line between the two. But when does a person understand when to stop and when to declare the behavior psychopathic? The dram’s story is based on these huge questions, and one by one the story will reveal them all.

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