Money Heist Season 5 – Top 12 Exciting Theories Fans Made

Money Heist, one of the best shows on Netflix, has finally confirmed season 5 of the series. People have been crazy about this show for the past few years. The end of season 4 opens up a lot of expectations and everyone wants a happy ending. Since Netflix has already indicated the official date for the release of season 5, people have started with the perceptions.

We know, A GREAT SHOW must have a great ending. As a non-English show like money Heist, it was unbelievable that people loved it so much. I am a big fan of this series myself. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top ten fan-made theories that seem to fill the boxes pretty well.

Also, Netflix recently released the official teaser trailer for their hit series, Money Heist on YouTube. If you’re a fan of this series and haven’t seen the trailer yet, I’ll mention it there. As a fan, it’s a must to watch the official trailer to find out what’s about to happen.

The Berlin appears in the Flashback

Money Robbery Berlin

Berlin, one of Money Heist’s most beloved characters, has already passed away, but that guy was definitely something. If you’ve seen the Money Heist series and all of its seasons before, there’s no chance you won’t love this gentleman.

Since Berlin was also a genius and some plans were also made by him, we can see the flashback of his ideas.

The money Heist series is full of suspense and most of the time we are not even ready. The fans of the Money Heists series also believe that Berlin can predict the situation and give his team the idea to find the solution.

The end of Palermo

money robbery

This theory really appeals to me. As the official trailer, there is complete combat and action. Palermo was surrounded by the police and authorities even found her in the bank. In this situation, I can fully understand this theory.

Money Heist fans are also looking forward to this theory. There are already many people who believe that this is definitely going to happen in Season 5.

Is it because it is already known that the series has killed many of their cast before and Palmero is one of the new members to join the crew. During the condition, there is a good chance that this could happen to them.

Everyone died in season 5 and Tokyo survived

Tokyo money robbery

In the trailer, Tokyo was someone who told the whole story of the situation, so there’s a good chance she’s the one dictating the whole story to the audience. Also, Tokyo has played a big part in the Money Heist series and also many people dislike her for her extra confident demeanor. There is no doubt that she made one of the dumbest decisions in the series that only led to conflict and bad endings.

But she’s also smart enough and I can easily see her getting out of the situation altogether. She’s hated by a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t the main character in the story. Her stupid behavior is the funniest part of the series. There are many people who believe in this theory, but at the same time they want her to die. It would be really nice to see how this theory will end up in the series.

This theory is also understandable because Tokyo Professor said her “Guardian Angel” in the official trailer. So, can you see where this thing is going?

The scene where we see everyone dying

In chapter 6 of season 4 we saw that Nairobi, Oslo and Moscow enjoyed the conversation and just chilling, but that’s not for fun, is it? As a series like Money heist, where everything is connected to other scenes, I can see what it portrays. Fans believed that the scene is a kind of heaven where the people who have already passed away discuss their lives together. It’s the thieves, but in the show they develop a family relationship.

Now, just the scene where we saw these three characters who have already died, there are three other characters, namely Professor, Helsinki and Denver. This starts to ask the question what if these three are also dead. The fans suspect that the writers give some huge clues that will startle us.

Lisbon takes care of the whole Plan

The professor is already imprisoned by evil Alicia Sierra. Since the main genius behind all these things couldn’t connect to his fellow member inside, there’s a chance someone else will tell them the “PLAN”. Lisbon is already a genius and as her relationship with professor is known, he may have already dictated her plans.

While the professor is in jail, she can take over the gang and tell them what to do.

Is the football game a sign of the writers?

Robbery season 5

The football game has two teams, one red and the other green. According to some fans, the players wearing red are the ones who ultimately survived, while the green ones died in the fight. If this theory is really true, we could lose Bogota, Marseille and Palermo.

According to this theory, there is no case for the professor as he fulfills the role of referee.

Tatiana will play an important role


Do you remember Tatyana? The love of Berlin. Yes! We may see her in season 5. Like every season, they introduce a new character to their show. She might just be the secret player that moves the story forward or even takes a great turn.

She’s just right for the show and her facial expression was suspicious enough. She has a manipulative nature that we had all seen again in the story. Because Berlin is already popular and her wife should be on the show to remember him. Perhaps he dictated his idea and plan to his wife. There is another scene where the professor said to Berlin, ‘You can’t risk the whole plan for a woman. You’re suggesting that the woman of my life is going to betray me.’

Well, all these things made the audience think that she will be in season 5 with a crazy idea.

In addition, the theory also indicates to Tatiana that she will come to save the gang from the series.

Tokyo dictates this to Nairobi .’s son

nairobi sound

Another theory is that Tokyo dictates all these stories to Nairobi’s son. As we already know, Nairobi has a son who is loved by every gang member. After the intense battle where everyone dies and Tokyo Survives (theory by the fans), Tokyo tells the whole story to Nairobi’s son. She is the one who takes care of her as a mother. When this happens, it is very interesting for the story.

There is another theory that she could tell all this in prison or to the judge after she is caught. There is still speculation that this could be a Paris plan where the gangs try to save judges’ time so that the robbery goes ahead.

Alicia Sierra Gets Pregnant And Professor Will Help Her Help

Robbery Season 5 Theories

Since Alicia is already pregnant and there are already predictions that the professor will help her give birth. All this could change Alicia’s heart and they could free the gang.

But to be honest, I don’t really think this fan theory would apply. The chance of this happening is very small. Because Alicia’s character is already a strong tough woman in the show. Despite being pregnant, she is still passionate about her job.

In contrast to Lisbon, she is tougher and more intelligent. But we don’t know what will happen. I can’t argue with this anymore because the professor is also very intelligent and there’s no chance he’ll try his 100% to manipulate Alicia in the fifth season.

Tatiana will LEAVE the gang

Another most believed theory about the show is also related to Tatiana. Because she’s all aware of the whole group’s plans because Berlin already told her. So it’s a do-and-die situation. The above theory told us she might help the gang, but what if she didn’t. I mean, there are always two sides to the story and by her nature she can betray.

There is also a popular dialogue through Berlin, “In the right circumstances, anyone who betrays someone” What if she betrays?

There is speculation that Tatian will tell the plan to the police and they will all be killed or arrested by them.

Inspector Sierra joins the gang

Robbery Season 5 Theories

Another popular theory is related to our Sierra. Remember when she finally found the professor and tried to get him, why didn’t the professor run away? Sierra is already a single mother and needs money to raise her child in a better environment. So she thinks about eventually joining the group.

The end of the show also has a girl singing the title track “Bella Ciao”. Many people also predicted that Sierra’s voice is and because of this, she is asking to join the group.

Did you like this article? Tell me what you think of these theories and which one is your favorite? Also, is there any additional theory you would like to add to this article? Reply to us.

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