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Money Heist Season 5 On Netflix : Release Date, Story And What We Can Expect??

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Money Heist Season 5

It’s only a month passed after the release of the most popular Netflix Series Money Heist Season 4, And People have already started waiting for the next season to come.

After all, It is never too early to look forward to all the goodies that we can have in our lives. Money Heist is undoubtedly the most watched and loved series offered by Netflix so far.

Money Heist Season 4 had 65+ Million viewers till now.

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Will Money Heist Season 5 Come Soon?

The highly-anticipated fourth part of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) landed on the streaming platform on April 3 in full. However, viewers already binging the show and are desperate to know whether season five has been confirmed yet.

Director Jesús Colmenar told Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that

“There is going to be the fifth part”

Is Money Heist Season 5 confirmed?

Yes. Netflix would definitely bring Money Heist Season 5 for its viewers undoubtedly. Money Heist is in buzz everywhere. So Netflix will leave no stone unturned for this popular series Next Seasons.

Money Heist will be the next successful series for Netflix if ever made. So It will be throwing money down the drain if they didn’t press on with one of their most popular originals of all-time.

It is not verified by the head honchos at Netflix Head Quarters yet.

But  Spanish site Marca has already announced that both a Money Heist season 5 and season 6 have been confirmed. – Isn’t it Great??

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When will Money Heist Season 5 release on Netflix?

With an expected delay in filming, we’re probably going to see the series return at some point in 2021.

However, as per most Netflix Original projects, they’re currently on hold until the Coronavirus epidemic concludes. That could result in delayed release date.

What will happen in Money Heist season 5?

Note: This section contains major spoilers for the end of Money Heist part 4

Throughout the season, viewers watched the team tried to rescue Lisbon and Nairobi after they had been captured.

All the while, they were attempting to get rid of the threat which former hostage Gandia poses to them. This all came to a dramatic end in the season finale when Lisbon was rescued while Alicia Sierra held a gun to the professor’s head in the final moments.

In Money Heist Season 5, It is expected that it will pick up again from this brutal conclusion as viewers find out the professor’s fate.

Netflix also Hints that Professor Getting Arrested Is A Part Of His Plan in one of its tweets !!

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We will keep updating it as soon as we will get to know anything more. !!

Till Then, Share What are you expecting in Money Heist Season 5 in the Comment Section !!



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