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Money Heist Season 5: Fan Theory – Sierra’s husband is revealed as Berlin’s son

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Money Heist is arguably the best Netflix series in a language other than English as viewers around the world testify to this Spanish thriller crime series.
The series that follows a high point on the Royal Mint of Spain and one in the Bank of Spain ran for four seasons with a total of 31 episodes.

The Cliffhanger Season 4:

Fans of ‘La Casa De Papel’ are arguably the most creative and intensely dedicated fan base in the world. The kind of control and effect the show has on its admirers is out of the world.

With season 4 ending on a cliffhanger, just out of curiosity and curiosity, the fans made some exciting theories and assumptions about the upcoming season 5 of the money heist.

Season 4 ended on a wildly suspicious tone, with Sierra pointing the gun at the professor after capturing him.

Fan-made theories and assumptions:

Season 4 explicitly shows the inordinate obsession of a very dedicated and diligent police officer Alicia Sierra for ambushing the professor and raiding his troop. She is arguably the most brutal and vicious villain the money heist fans have come across since season 1.

Sierra’s unhealthy obsession with detaining the professor and his henchmen and the avarice to torture them in the worst possible way made fans more suspicious of her past and her connection to the professor.

According to the latest fan-made theory, which is surprisingly outrageous, is that Berlin, the brother of the professor who died in Season 2, you might be the least bit into the father of Sierra’s child.

Fans must have come to this weird conclusion, given Berlin was once married to a woman, and Sierra’s intensive investigation into the robbery master, the professor, isn’t a conventional criminal police relationship.

She definitely needs to seek revenge or some sort of answers regarding her former partner and the father of her child.


Season 4 was released in 2020 and since then, due to the pandemic covid-19, season 5 has been postponed, and is now scheduled to release in late 2021 after being announced for renewal on July 31, 2020.

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