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Mini Bharadwaj about her debut novel ‘Seeking Death-a boon with a curse’, the compilation and journey

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Mini Bharadwaj, a 27-year-old girl, is here with her debut novel ‘In Search of Death – a Blessing with a Curse’.

Mini, who belongs to Delhi, is a graduate of Delhi University and loves to write.

She talks about her upcoming debut novel, the journey, compilation and much more.

‘Seeking Death- a bean with a curse’ is published by Lieper Publication.

The publishing house has released the cover and is aiming to launch sometime between March and April 2021.

Mini shares some insights about her journey to become an author and says, “I grew up listening to the stories of Mahabharat and Ramayan as I belong to a Brahmin family. Researching mythology is like my passion that I have been doing since childhood. I read a lot of mythological books, but whenever I read about Mahabharata I feel an attachment to Ashwathama (Draunacharya’s son).

“I’ve been researching him for the past three years and I don’t know why Ashwathama’s journey is so appealing to me,” she added.

She went on to say, “My friends and my sister Nisha encouraged me to write a book about him. I wrote a small draft and showed it to my friends and they all praised it. It took me two years to write this book. ‘Seeking Death’ – a bean with a curse ‘, is a story of a girl who is attached to the pain and suffering of Dawapar Yug Ashwathama, who is said to live in this Kalyug. ”

Regarding the challenges she faced in writing the book, she says: “When I decided to write, I had no idea. I had information in pieces and did not know how to combine it into a story. Then I read the book again thoroughly. As I was reading, I began to emphasize and observe things that the way the author of the book frames his thoughts in the words, and I began to apply the same. “

When she talks more about being an author and exploring, she says, “I always loved to read mythological books and I’m also a big fan of Devdutt Pattanaik and Amish Tripathi. I have a good collection based on Hinduism and our culture. “

Founder and CEO, Lieper Publication, Faheem Bhat says: “Mini approached us for the first time in mid-October last year. The first thing I noticed about her was the enormous enthusiasm with which she presented herself, I was just convinced that everything she bought for us was something to be reckoned with and it was. “

After reading the manuscript, we were motivated and excited enough to take a step forward and discuss the book. Her writing style is fluid and does a great job painting a picture, the attention to detail and the little nuances, character traits in the story made it very recognizable and engaging and that’s what a good book is. As the proceedings progress, the book will launch somewhere in the March or April lines. We are very excited to launch a brilliant author’s book. “

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