Meet Jumpi, the 3-in-1 car vacuum cleaner, Jumpstarter and Power Bank

Meet Jumpi, the 3-in-1 car vacuum cleaner, Jumpstarter and Power Bank

Have you ever been on the road in an emergency? It can be a real nightmare even if you are prepared. If not, you could face a life or death situation. Now there is a way to stay safe, clean and connected wherever the road takes you. It’s called Jumpi, and it’s the life-saving vacuum cleaner that lives in your car.

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Jumpi is the most versatile and powerful car vacuum cleaner ever made. The sleek and attractive design suits every journey and fits anywhere, no matter how compact your car is.

Jumpi has advanced cleaning tools such as an ultra-powerful suction power, a precision attachment for getting into hard-to-reach places and an antibacterial coating. But Jumpi really excels when you find yourself in the most difficult situations. Premium safety features keep you on the road even if your car gets you into trouble. Safe jumper cables allow you to jump into your own vehicle with no experience, and if you’re having more than just battery issues, you can stay connected to Jumpi’s power bank reservoir.

Jumpi is the perfect companion for drivers of all ages. And it can stay in your car all year round, so it’s always there when you need it.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make Jumpi the automotive safety gadget every car needs.

Ultra compact

Jumpi does not cause a mess in your car. In fact, you will hardly know it is there. With a length of just over a foot and a height of less than 7.5 cm, Jumpi is the most compact car vacuum cleaner of its kind. It fits easily under seats (even when driving low) and in gloveboxes. Whether you keep your entire wardrobe in your car or are driving a tight ship, Jumpi fits easily and discreetly.

More powerful

With a capacity of 700 amps, Jumpi’s suction delivers a huge punch. You don’t have time to spend more than a few minutes cleaning your car, which is why Jumpi is built to deliver a complete clean in one go.

Jumpi’s powerful suction and large open mouth effectively soak up large debris as well as microscopic particles such as bacteria, mites and fungi. Hair and deep-seated dirt are effortlessly lifted from carpets and fabric, so you never have to clean your seats and mats.

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