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How many of you like fighter based TV shows like Bear Grylls and Meat Eater in which they move on in search of more adventure and thriller places and also eat anything to survive in that area.

It’s exciting to watch these shows even though you and I don’t know how to hunt in those forests, mountains and sometimes those places we’ve never seen on TV.

So let’s go ahead and get to your favorite yacht-based United States Series, MeatEater. The first time the show aired on January 1, 2012 on Sportsman Channel.

Then it completed its first six seasons Sportsman Channel it moves to another platform and airs on Netflix from season 7 to date and more.

When the first part of season 9 came out last year and came to an end, millions of fans wanted to see the next part of this show to see more adventurous and exciting scenes, so the creators decided to create and complete the second part of this season on the bases of fans who follow this show.

So they move on to the second part that launched on February 17, 2021.

Meat Eater season 9

Do you know that thanks to the huge fans and love for this show in different countries in the world, the series became successful and completed its 10 episodes in two parts.

Go ahead to find out the release date, trailer of part 2 of season 9 and even episodes in short what they are about and what Steve and his team help with hunting and also to see adventurous places wherever you want to go.

Season 9 release date

Meat eater season 9

Creators gave a green signal to the Meateater Season 9 after the arrival of Season 8 and are working quickly on Season 9 as Season 8 gives them a huge fan base and are happy to renew the season for the next level.

So they started making season 9 of Meateater, which came out on September 16, 2020 and then released the second part on Netflix on February 17, 2021.

Season 9, Part 2, Official Trailer

Season 9 Episodes

Season 9 contains a total of 10 episodes in 2 parts and these are briefly discussed –

  • Redfish and flounder from South Texas

In the first episode, Steve and Chef Jesse Griffiths focus on redfish and sea trout on the Texas coast with Captain JT Van Zandt performing for Bot and at that point Captain David Dupnik also joins them.

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So there’s a huge amount of fish they can eat and it looks like they’re having a party on the Texas coast.

In the second episode, Steve and Jesse head inland to hunt for Nilgai, also known as an Indian antelope.

After the hunt they have plenty of time so Steve and Jesse decided to cook the wild beast for a long time to make it softer and more edible.

Meateater season 9

  • Wyoming Mule Deer, Part 1

In search of mule deer, Steve rides horseback in Wyoming with Janis Putelis and Adam Weatherby.

He also finds the money of his dreams with Landon’s help, but sudden snow makes their job more complicated.

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  • Wyoming Mule Deer, Part 2

In this episode, they all continue their hunt for mule deer in the Wyoming High Country, which was halted due to heavy snowfall.

It’s harder for Steve to hunt Elk in the majestic San Juan Mountains than he expected, as everything is jeopardized against him.

Because of sheer cliffs, towering spruce trees, and expansive grasslands covering broad valleys, the place is beautiful, as there are many moose in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado with many moose hunters, which makes hunting Steve difficult.

Steve and Ryan Callaghan join Sean Weaver for duck hunting in South Dakota, as flooded areas are good for ducks and duck hunters.

  • Colorado Mule Deer: Baseball and Bucks

In this episode, Steve is joined in Colorado by Pete Alonso, a superstar who is hunting mule deer with Steve. Steve also shares his hunting tips with people, while Pete shares insights from the big leagues.

  • Montana Black Bear & Turkey: Spring Opportunities

In western Montana, Steve Clay meets Newcomb and his mules. This is where they start to hunt bears and turkeys and they have an excellent combination for food, but when they split up, their hunt turns double.

  • Alaska Fish: Exploring Southeast Alaska’s Waters

To see the Pacific Ocean, Steve took Janis to his Prince of Wales Island, Fish Shack, where they saw halibut, rockfish, spot shrimp, dungeness crabs, and many more marine life to hunt.

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  • Alaska Moose: The Guide Life

With the help of outfitter Mike Buck Bowden searches for moose in an unnamed river in western Alaska, while Mike tells the story of the Alaskan wilderness 40 years ago.

Meateater season 9

Are both parts of season 9 available on Netflix?

Yes, Part 1 and Part 2 of Season 9 of MeatEater is now available on Netflix.

Where can I find all episodes of MeatEater?

You can watch all episodes of Meateater on Prime Video from season 1.

You can also watch full episodes of Season 9 on 123movies to stream online for free in HD quality with English subtitles.

MeatEater ratings and reviews

The Meateater show gets a total of 7.7 reviews and one user on IMDB said it was a great show and a lot of people love to watch this show if they are not interested in hunting.

Final lines

MeatEater is a show based on hunting and eating animals by traveling by Steve and his team members to different Adventure places and letting the people know how to hunt in those thriller places and survive by eating just that food.

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