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Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date, Watch Online & Spoilers

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The last two episodes of Mayans MC season 3 bows the seeds for a civil war we are heading towards. The war got the green light in the latest episode of Bishop, and now we’re all in it. But the war will not only concern the Santo Padre and Stockton crews. It looks like Diaz and his Oakland team have joined the party, and a lot is happening. From cooperation to betrayal and taking over as the king of the Maya. Whoever will claim the Mayan crown will all be seen in the upcoming Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 8.

Plus, Gaby and EZ’s relationship takes a serious turn. Coco, on the other hand, loses himself in drugs and ignores both Hope and his daughter Leticia. Plus, where did Pablo take Adelita? Let’s take a look at what happened before at the Mayans MC. Then we move on to the next eight episodes in the third installment of the FX action drama.

Recap for Mayans MC season 3

Earlier on Mayans MC, we witnessed Bishop signaling Angel to go to war with the Stockton crew. So Angel notified EZ and took down the Flaco and people who shot his brother. The war continues with anyone looking for Ramos now. Angel and Gilly attacked a Stockton member on their way home. On the other hand, Bishop did the same with his crew and attacked a tattoo shop.

Still From Mayans S03E07 with the reunion of the Santo Parde crew (Credits: FX)

The gang goes to war and EZ is not far behind when he returns to town and reconciles with Angel. They tell about the beautiful moments and how EZ found love in Gaby. The other members join in to welcome EZ and plan their next step for Ramos. Hank, on the other hand, gives Steve a much needed scream and asks him to stay outside and lose some weight too before EZ calms him down.

On the other hand, Coco returns home and is comforted by his daughter Leticia. She tries to sort out his father’s problem, but sees him pass out again. Adelita also brought Mini home last episode and asked her what Pablo has been up to since she left. When Adelita realizes that the young girls are being used as prostitutes, she becomes enraged.

The check

Appearing at Santo Padre’s hideout, the Oakland Mayans confront EZ and Bishop. When they deny, Diaz, the leader of the Oakland Mayan, decides to talk to them. Diaz brings the history lessons, but Bishop makes it clear he only wants Ramos. There is some debate about who took the first shot, drug dependence, as well as Alvarez and his identity as Maya. The conversation ends with Diaz hoping to get Ramos up for an interview before moving in and joining Bishop on his quest for Reckoning.

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Bishop Seeks Settlement in Mayan's S03E07

Still From Mayans S03E07 with Bishop and Diaz (Credits: FX)

Coco and his daughter Leticia argue about the things Coco did until Coco asks her to leave. Adelita comes to Pablo’s house with Mimi to confront him. The first thing she sees is a pregnant young girl. Pablo tries to explain, but Adelita leaves nothing and puts him back in place.

The war breaks out

At the Santo Padre hideout, the Oakland crew spends time waiting for Ramos’ location. Bishop and his crew only get angrier as time goes on. EZ checks Gabby and Angel asks his brother again. Suppose he is ready for the game or not. Suddenly, the Stockton crew appears out of nowhere. The Oakland crew is betraying, and Ramos is sure to arrive. A war between the Maya breaks out in which Bishop nearly kills Diaz. Angel, EZ and other members are also high, but had to leave to stay away from the police. After escaping, Bishop may not know what to move next, but EZ does.

End moments

EZ completes Ramos in Mayans S03E07

Still From Mayans S03E07 with EZ

Hope arrives to meet Coco at his house. But he waits for the drugs on Coco rather than for her. Officer O’Grady arrives at the motel and takes Ramos with him, while the others are arrested. While O’Grady takes Ramos on a trip, EZ bumps into the bike out of nowhere and shoots Ramos in the head while O’Grady is riding. After Ramos is done, O’Grady asks if his guilt is over, but it doesn’t seem like it. Plus, even Adelita has ended the episode with her followers joining her by shaving their heads. The episode ends with EZ having family time with Gabby and Leticia, who pass out Coco and his girlfriend.

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