Matilda Eve Goode – Unstoppable Young Calisthenics Athlete

Meet Matilda Eve Goode, a ten-year-old calisthenics athlete who is taking the sport to a whole new level! Despite having only been training in calisthenics since she was seven, Matilda has already achieved great success in her field. She is currently the youngest competitor in the Australian National Calisthenics Competition, and she already has an impressive collection of medals.

The Early Days of Matilda’s Calisthenics Career

Matilda’s love of calisthenics began at the tender age of seven. She quickly took to the sport and showed great potential, and it wasn’t long before she was competing in competitions. Matilda’s first competition was a local one held in her hometown of Melbourne, and she won a silver medal. She soon started competing in larger competitions, and her collection of medals quickly grew.

Matilda’s Training Regime and Achievements

Matilda trains every day for up to five hours. She practices a variety of skills, including the planche, the iron cross, and the muscle-up. She also trains with weights and does strength-training exercises. Matilda has won several medals at competitions, including golds for the Iron Cross, the Muscle-up, and the All-Around.

Matilda has also achieved many other accomplishments. She was recently featured in a documentary about calisthenics athletes, and she is a regular in the local media. She has also been a guest speaker at various events and has been featured in magazines.

Matilda’s Future Goals and Ambitions

  • Compete in the World Calisthenics Championships
  • Become a professional calisthenics athlete
  • Inspire other young athletes to pursue their dreams
  • Start her own calisthenics club

Matilda’s future goals and ambitions are inspiring. She is determined to reach the top of the calisthenics world and is an inspiration to other young athletes. With her dedication and hard work, Matilda is sure to achieve great success in her field.

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