Marvel’s Loki Season 2: The MCU Questions We Need To Answer

What’s next for these two crazy kids is a mystery – as far as we know, Sylvie is currently still in the castle at the end of time, and Loki is in… well, Loki is in a timeline that we haven’t quite identified yet. How they will find their way back to each other in season 2 (because of course they will find their way back to each other in season 2) is a mystery.

Will Sylvie realize her decision to kill He Who Remains was a mistake? Will she regret starting another multiverse war and have to visit Loki to try and fix what she’s broken? Will Loki try to find her again after all that has happened?

What about all those other versions of Kang?

According to He Who Remains, Sylvie’s choice to kill him would essentially release a veritable army of Kang variants across the multiverse, wreaking untold havoc and destruction until someone essentially takes over again. And to some extent that seems to be exactly what happened, as the Time Keepers statues in TVA’s headquarters have been replaced by a giant Kang figure. But which version of the character that is — or what the other, less benevolent version has done in his name — is up in the air.

We know that Jonathan Majors will be playing Kang the Conquerer in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania but that movie won’t hit theaters until 2023 and that’s an awfully long time to let the MCU’s new Big Bad sit still. So it seems safe to assume that before then we’ll see a version of him appear in at least one MCU property, if not more.

Where did Judge Renslayer go?

When we last saw Judge Renslayer, she seemed determined to prove that her life as the leader of the TVA — and the many morally questionable decisions she made as such — had a certain meaning, despite the fact that her actions were essentially all performed in the service of a group of leaders who did not really exist.

After an emotional confrontation with Mobius, Renslayer escapes in search of “free will,” which, as we know in this universe, generally means Kang. Whether she finds him, or what happens during her confrontation with whichever version of Kang she meets is unknown, but since Renslayer is Kang’s girlfriend in the comics, it seems safe to assume she has some hand in the creation of any version of the TVA. Loki stumbles back in at the end of the finale.

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