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Welcome to ETMarkets Watch, the show about stocks, market trends and ideas for making money. I am Atul P. M and here are the main headlines at this hour.

Sensex rebounds 700 points from the low of the day, wins 432 pts

Economic recovery stronger than expected: RBI governor Shaktikanta Das

Vedanta Resources under pressure, bondholders declare debt extension

SC Lowy appears to be withdrawing from the DHFL bidding process

Bitcoin price is down 6%, down more than $ 1,000

Let’s take a quick look at what happened on Dalal Street today.

HDFC twins contributed the most to Sensex’s gains as the benchmark indices reversed most of yesterday’s losses. Sensex finished the day with a win of 432 points on 44,260, while fellow Nifty finished the 13k with 12,987 points. Stock market volatility was also prevalent due to monthly M&A contracts expiring.

While mortgage lender HDFC gained 2.2 percent, largest private lender HDFC Bank advanced 1.7 percent. Bajaj Finance climbed nearly 3 percent.

Will the market continue its volatile streak, or will we see a clear direction? To discuss this and more, we spoke with Nirali Shah, Senior Research Analyst, Samco Securities.

Welcome to the show, Mrs. Shah.

1) Is the market in an upward trend again or is it impossible to imagine volatility without it?

2) Which sectors should one stick to in such times?

3) What are your prospects for the defensive pack – IT and pharma?

Meanwhile, technically, Nifty formed a bullish candle on the daily scale along with a long lower shadow, indicating that every small drop is being bought.

We spoke with Rohit Singre, Senior Technical Analyst at LKP Securities, to decipher the charts.

Welcome to the show, Mr. Singre.

1) Down yesterday and up again today! What do you think of the Nifty card?

2) How do you see Nifty for the rest of the year?

3) With volatility at the forefront, which sectors provide comfort on the charts?

Globally, stocks were mixed based on a slew of subdued economic data weighing on a risk rally.

That’s it for now. Check out for all the news, market analysis, investment strategies and dozens of stock recommendations. Enjoy your evening. Bye!

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