Mandela (2021) Tamil Movie Review: Single Vote Matters

Mandela (2021) Tamil movie will be streaming on Netflix from today. This film is directed by Madonne Ashwin during his directorial debut and produced by S. Sashikanth and Ramachandra.

YNOT Studio is the production company and Reliance Entertainment and the distributor for this movie is Netflix.

The film revolves around the theme of Election and the lead role is taken by Yogi Babu, who does not belong to a caste. He will be treated low in the village because he himself has no identity.

He will work as a hairdresser and his dream is to fulfill his father’s wish, that is, to open his own salon under the same banyan tree where he lives.

The village people call him Elichavaayan (smile), and they will make him work by not paying him accordingly. He is not supposed to enter a building through the front door, as he is not part of their caste.

There will be two cabinets in the village, and those cabinets tell the story. There will be a village chief who will fall ill, and there will be the village panchayat elections. The village chief gets two wives, both of whom belong to different castes.

Because circumstances prevent the village chief from taking the lead, the sons will lead two parties based on their caste.

The Movie moves with the merging of heroin imports and how the name Elichavaayan changes to Mandela, and how Yogi Babu got the right to vote. The heroine, Sheela Raj Kumar, will be so nice to Yogi throughout the movie which will be admirable.

The election campaign is underway and the number of votes will be neutral for both parties. At that point, both party leaders need only one vote for victory.

That’s the plot where Yogi Babu will receive the Voter ID, and both the party members who treated him low will treat him with benefits. Mandela will be noticed by both the party people when his voice matters at its peak.

Mandela’s photo will be on banners and he will be provided with cash and materials. It is said that this film will be viewed before the election as if it were depicting the scenes of reality.

The Movie closes with Yogi Babu on who he voted for. The film projects a reality with humor and delivers a meaningful message.

This film should be watched by every citizen so that he / she learns the value of their voting rights.

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