Magnum PI Season 3 Episode 9 Release date, watch online, Spoilers

In the final episode of ‘Magnum PI’ season 3, which aired this week, we witnessed a case involving a young man who needed immediate emergency surgery. But he goes to MIA and has a bullet in the chest. Ethan asks Magnum and Higgins to locate him before time runs out. On the other hand, TC meets with a military recruit who may be enlisting for the wrong reasons. There is a more detailed recap of the 8th episode of ‘Magnum PI’ Season 3 in the recap. First, let’s see what ‘Magnum PI’ Season 3 Episode 9 has in store for us.

Magnum PI Season 3 Episode 9 Release date

‘Magnum PI’ season 3 episode 9 appears on February 19, 2021, Bee 9 p.m. ET / PT on CBS. Season 4 has a total of 16 episodes.

Where can you watch Magnum PI Season 3 Episode 9 online?

With a valid cable subscription, you can watch the latest episodes of ‘Magnum PI’ Season 3 simply by tuning into CBS on the aforementioned time slot. Another option is to stream the episodes online on CBS All AccessYou can also log in to The official website of CBS and watch the episodes already released. In addition, you can stream ‘Magnum PI’ online on cable-free platforms such as YouTube TV Fubo TV Tubitv, and Directv. All previous episodes are also available as video-on-demand that you can rent or purchase Amazon Prime Video

Magnum PI Season 3 Episode 9 Spoilers

The upcoming ‘Magnum PI’ Season 3 Episode 9 is titled ‘The Big Payback’ and features a high-stakes case involving a kidnapping. The official synopsis, as provided by CBS, is: “When Higgins is kidnapped, Magnum discovers the retaliation is linked to one of his first cases; Magnum, Rick and TC must free an ex-client from prison to save her. You can also check out the promo below:

Magnum PI Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with the arrest of Kuma, who has been charged with third degree grand theft. She had stolen an expensive artifact from a collector. The item is the skull of a young boy who had followed his father in battle. Kuma believes that the skull should be given to the cultural center. But the owner disagrees because he paid for it. Gordon helps his son with his homework and is angry when he searches online for the answer.

Meanwhile, a man reports that his 21-year-old daughter Kai is missing. Magnum and Higgins visit the airport and after checking the security cameras, they discover that two men have picked her up. TC meets with Kuma and they agree to help each other. Higgins and Magnum discover that Kai is a martial arts fighter. She tells them there is a fight tonight and her kidnappers want her to wiretap in the third party. The goons even kidnap her father and threaten to kill him if she doesn’t follow their orders. Higgins taps Matsui’s phone to get information about where Kai’s father is. Meanwhile, Gordon and his team find Kai’s father and take out the soldiers who are holding him hostage. And in the arena, Kai wins the fight. Kuma eventually places the skull in its original position.

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