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Madras Rockers .com – Watch your favorite movies online for FREE!

Watch and Download Movies Online
Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers is an online piracy website. A website that allows users to download copyrighted movies. The infamous online portal that only leak Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies. These movies were leaked before they were released in theaters.

South Indian industry is the hardest hit industry in India due to piracy. For example, according to the report of a global accountancy and consultancy firm. The movies like Baahubali and Deloitte, which were some of the biggest budget movies, were copied illegally on the day of release.

Piracy remains a huge problem and the loss has always been great. As technology advances, people are finding new ways to do illegal things. The easy access to technology has meant that piracy has become more common over the years. Many laws have been made to prevent privacy.

About Madrasrockers

A notorious movie download site that gives its users access to illegal movies. This infamous online portal handles movie streaming in Tamil and Tamil along with Bollywood, Malayalam and Telegu movies. Fans who cannot wait for the theatrical release are subject to download.

Hence, the website has earned a huge audience around the world which makes it more popular. It offers its users an incredible collection of HD movies of various genres.

Recent Movies Leaked by Madras Rockers

It is one of the popular sites due to the high number of viewers. Hence, you can find unlimited movies of many genres, copyrighted content. It is a center of Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies and movies in other languages.

Watch and Download Movies Online

The following is the list of the latest movies that have been released

Biskoth 2020
13 name number Veedu 2020
Theeviram 2020
Dear Comrade 2020
Laxmi 2020
Shadow 2020
Andhaghaaram 2020
Naanga Romba Druk 2020
Mookuthi Amman 2020

Is watching movies in Madras Rockers safe?

As mentioned above, using a piracy website for streaming or downloading purposes. And besides, downloading a video from an illegal website is a crime and fraud. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Therefore, it is not at all safe to watch movies online on websites like Madras Rockers.

Illegal and Legal Madras Rockers Websites

As part of legal alternatives, the best option is to watch movies in theaters. It’s a massive effort by filmmakers, actors to make a movie that is the hard work of thousands.

illegal alternatives

Legal alternatives

Amazon Prime Video Disney + Hotstar NetFlix
Voot ZEE5 Sony LIV
MX player ALT Balaji Erose now
HULU HBO now Discovery


Downloading or streaming movies from illegal websites like Madras Rockers has put together this article just for the purpose of raising awareness – the best option for watching movies in theaters and legit sites. Fight against piracy, and we do not under any circumstances promote or support piracy way.

Watch and Download Movies Online