Lucky Patcher APK Review- Features, Download and Conclusion 2020

Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the well known and best designed apps that gives you real control over the permissions you give to your apps to have it installed on your android. You can be given the freedom to remove excessive ads and also change the permissions.

You can often back up other apps and much more at the same time.

But if you want to enjoy all these features, you also need to have a rooted device. As you open this application, you will see the comprehensive list of all apps installed on the machine.

You have to tap away with the options available such as to see the information of the app, uninstall it, delete additional data and also access other specialized tools. In all these functions you can often enjoy so many more functions.

You can even establish the function to disable ads, as well as run the app in circumstances where you usually can’t. You can also add to the creation as APK adapted to your preferences. In short, by using Lucky Patcher you will become the king of your application!

Features of Lucky Patcher app for Android

This application of the Android is known as the best application for managing the apps and thus the devices. It would assist you to have full control over the smartphone and thus the installed applications.

This application is becoming very popular due to its fantastic insight features. You can quickly make changes to the installed apps and make them easier to use.

Let’s introduce you to so many other features already in it:

1. Remove Ads

While using the app, so many annoying and annoying ads will appear in your way. To remove those ads, there is a feature to remove ads for you. Now you have full choice to get rid of the annoying ads and thus remove the interruptions while using your favorite apps. You can quickly remove the ads from your apps using apk without the resources of Google ad patch.

2. Free in-app purchases

You can perform the function of purchasing premium stuff directly in the apps and thus access it for free. You don’t have to pay with one cent as this application is 100% free to use. This will not work for apps with highly secured servers.

3. Move apps to SD card

Android apps to take advantage of the high device storage to save cache and thus as the obb data files! As a result, it even makes you use a lot of internal storage which can cause some of the problems when installing new apps or saving new data. But you can quickly move apps to the SD card and thus free up the internal storage of your Android device.

4. Remove License Verification

Moreover, you can also remove license verification from Android app right away which is another important feature advantage of this application. It would all start with the license verification error as it is downloaded from some unknown sources but you can efficiently fix that error using the LP app.

5. Convert app to system app

There is a wide range of apps that are meant for the root users. By using this feature, you can easily convert any app to a system app. You need root access to work with this application.

6. Modified Play Store

You can also do the modded play store installation using the LP app. By using the modified Play Store, you can use the protected apps with the Google license verification library just as much without cracking them. At the same time, you can also verify the license in offline mode and you can disable self-update.

7. Custom Patches

You will also get the chance where you can get the full range of custom patches for your apps. Custom patches are custom mods and thus the tweaks that modify an app to unlock premium features.

This feature is categorized as the form of the hack that can only be used for the apps that have custom patches made by developers available.

How to Install Lucky Patcher App on Android

Lucky Patcher APK Review- Features, Download and Conclusion 2020

If you want to install this application, you need a smartphone that runs on at least Android 2.0 or higher. You don’t need the root requirement for installation. But some functions will not work without the root device.

You have to start from scratch while downloading the latest lucky patcher apk from the direct download link. Once the LP app download is complete, you can follow the steps below:

  • When you start installing the app, don’t miss to enable unknown sources on your Android device. This will not allow you to install an apk file. You can consider enabling anonymous sources in your device’s security settings.
  • Now you need to open the downloaded apk file and then tap the install button on the next screen. Now wait for the apk installation to finish.
  • Now get ready because the LP app has been successfully installed on your device. Now you are free enough to fully enjoy the features of this app. This app is not accessible in the Google Play Store.

The details of the APK file

Application Name Lucky Patcher APK
Name developer chelpus
App version 8.5.5
android version 4.0+
Root required Yes | No
Latest update September 2019
File size 7.5MB

Download the Lucky Patcher app here

Final verdict

All in all, we would say that Lucky Patcher app is free and using this app will not make you regret wasting your time. It is effective to use.

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