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Lovely Writer Episode 7: release date, watch online and preview

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Lovely Writer (นับ สิบ จะ จูบ) is a Thai drama. The BL romantic comedy is directed by Tee Bundit Sintanaparadee, who is also known for directing Tharn & Type. Lovely Writer is currently on air. The first episode aired on February 24, 2021. New episodes will air on the original network on Wednesdays Channel 36 episodes have been broadcast so far.

The cast of this romantic comedy includes Up Poompat Lam-samang (Gene), Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun
(Nubsib), Bruce Sirikorn Kananurak (Aoey), Ken Prarunyu Sooksamram (Tum), Kenji Wasin Panunaporn
(Hin), Zorzo Natharuetai Akkharakitwattanakul (Tiffy), Chap Suppacheep Chanapai (Saymork) and Niroth Ruencharoen (Mai).

Lovely Writer cast (Credit: Dee Dup House)

The plot of “Lovely Writer”

Gene (the lead actor) is a novelist. His publisher wants him to try out the BL genre of novels, although he doesn’t like writing them. His previous BL novel “Bad Engineer” became so popular and commercially successful that it is being adapted into a BL drama series. He wants to continue with genres like fantasy and horror, but this BUA publisher wants him to write more Bl novels so they can increase commercial profits after the drama’s release.

Gene was also asked to attend auditions and shoots. He meets Nubsib at the auditions. Everyone is moved by his acting and he is immediately selected for the lead role of the drama. Gene also runs into his old friend Tum who asks Gene to let Nubsib stay with him in his apartment. After much hesitation, he lets Gene stay. Nubsib cleans up Gene’s messy apartment and takes care of him. They grow closer, but Gene doesn’t want to admit his feelings. Gene even got jealous when Nubsib had to kiss his costar before the shoot. The story is very light and has certain comical elements that make it more cheerful.

Summary of Episode 6 of “Lovely Writer”

Nubsib is at the photo shoot with Aey, the lead role for the drama. Gene is uncomfortable and goes outside to get some fresh air. Nubsib notices that Gene is jealous, but he continues the shoot. Gene can’t concentrate and he’s lost in thought. He doesn’t even notice when the café employee brings him the coffee. He meets Mhok in the cafe and they talk about Mhok sister who likes Gene’s book and that he would like to get an autograph next time. Nubsib sees Gene with Mhok and asks him not to talk to strangers.

Tum tried to start his car, but the car wouldn’t start. He doesn’t know how to fix an engine. Tiffy comes and tries to help him, but her shirt rips. Tum sews her shirt and they talk about each other’s interests and how they learned such tasks. The conversation gets quite intimate when Tiffy tells about her previous gay relationship that was not accepted by her mother and that her mother died a few days ago. Tum also talks about his childhood, how difficult it was to lose both his parents.

Beautiful writer - Gene and Nubsib

Beautiful Writer – Gene and Nubsib (Credit: Dee Hup House)

Gene goes home and surprises his mother. At the dinner table, Gene’s father asks him to move home, as he only writes novels. Gene says he is busy and would like this topic to be discussed later.

The next day, Gene visits Aunt Ohm’s house. There he sees a picture and recognizes Nubsib. He has certain memories of meeting Nubsib in his youth. Nubsib uses his aunt’s last name because his father doesn’t support him as an actor. Gene says he saw him on the internet and nothing more. Gene realizes that Nubsib is Aunt Orn’s son and returns home to ask him to move immediately. They may have had a traumatic incident in the past that caused Gene to react so emotionally. The episode ends with both Gene and Nubsib suffering emotionally. Gene’s phone is vibrating, but he is not receiving the call.

Lovely Writer Episode 7 Release date

Lovely Writer Episode 7 will be released on April 7, 2021. New episodes will be broadcast every Wednesday at 9.20 pm. 12 episodes are expected. Episode 6 ended on a heartbreaking and confusing tone for viewers, so viewers eagerly await Episode 7.

In Episode 7 it can be expected that Nubsib will come to Gene and they will handle the misunderstanding in a mature way. In the previous episode, Gene accused Nubsib of lying to him about his true identity so that it will become clear. We can even take a look at the past incidents that triggered such a response in Gene.

Where you can watch “Lovely Writer”

Lovely Writer is broadcast on the original network Channel 3 and Tencent video every Wednesday at 9:20 pm. It’s also available on WeTV, which happens to be an official partner of the show. After a few days, the drama will also be uploaded on the official Lovely Writer’s YouTube channel

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