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Lost in Space season 3 – release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

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Lost in Space is all set to renew for the third season with a new twist on Robinson’s adventure.

After two breathtaking seasons, Lost in Space, the incredible sci-fi thriller, has announced its third and final season. The past two seasons have amazed audiences, who have witnessed a number of intergalactic adventures. The show focuses on The Swiss Family Robinson indulging in the mysteries of space. Here’s everything we need to share about the thrilling third season.

Lost in Space season 3 release date

Lost in Space marked its debut on the popular streaming platform Netflix with its first season on April 13, 2018. Following the success of the first season, the second parts of the series aired on December 24, 2019. Plenty of positive feedback and hype from the audience forced the markers to announce its third season. The referees have confirmed the release of the third and final season. The producers have officially highlighted the release in 2021 via their Twitter profile. That is why the upcoming season will probably be broadcast on Netflix at the end of 2021.

Although the release was scheduled for the beginning of the year, the pandemic situation pushed back the production process. But the good news is that the filming is over and the series is all set to hit the screens.

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Lost in Space Season 3 Cast

The new season will bring back all the cast from the previous season. Season 3 features all members of Robinson’s family, starring: Molly Parker (as Maureen), Taylor Russell (as Judy), Toby Stephens (as John), Maxwell Jenkins (as Will) and Mina Sunwall (as Penny) . The officials have confirmed the comeback of all these characters. However, the officials have not yet confirmed the full cast list for Season 3. Hence, there may be some unexpected changes.

Lost in Space Season 3 Plot

The Lost in Space is the most popular Netflix series revolving around the intergalactic journey of Robinson’s family and their battle with the elements of space.

Since the officials have not yet taken a first look at the upcoming storyline, it is quite difficult to predict the twists and turns of the upcoming series. So let’s wait to witness the thrill.

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