Looking for ‘Promising Young Woman’? Here’s How to Watch Online

Everyone is talking about Promising young woman, the new dark comedy thriller with twists, turns and performances that is acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Dark, original and inventive, this film is a must-see for its brutal exploration of our current cultural moment.

Let’s break down what makes Promising young woman so special and where you can catch the film yourself.

Promising plot

Promising young woman takes a dark and unshakable look at rape culture through the eyes of thirty-year-old Cassie. She worked in a coffee shop and still lived with her parents. Her life was put on hold when her best friend committed suicide after being raped in medical school.

Because nothing was done to bring justice to her best friend, Cassie now tries to rectify her own guilt and past by going to clubs and bars, pretending to be drunk, and going home with random guys. Reversing the roles of these predatory men eventually takes over and blocks Cassie’s own life and growth.

Until she meets a “nice guy”. And her fate changes.

Promising director

Leading the production of Promising young woman is writer and director Emerald Fennell. You may recognize her as the season 2 showrunner Kill Eve and as an actor on The crown. As Camila Parker Bowles, Fennell received positive reviews for playing the controversial British figure in the third and fourth seasons of the Netflix hit.

Good friends with Flea bag mastermind, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has Fennell characterized by strong and complicated women central to her work, also in her Shiverton Hall children’s book series. Music is often a powerful motivator for Fennell’s writing, who used a feminine soundtrack as the focal point Promising young woman, including Paris Hilton’s “Stars are Blind”, an overlooked and underrated jam.

Promising cast

Leading the cast of Promising young woman is Carey Mulligan. Known for appearances in historical plays such as Pride and prejudice and more stylized works such as To drive, Mulligan’s role in Promising young woman her first real thriller. Mulligan got Oscar buzz for her portrayal of the listless Cassie, Jimmy Kimmel told his show that Promising young woman was the best she’s ever had on set.

Along with her script and direction, Fennell’s casting choices were praised by criticsComic greats and character actors such as Molly Shannon, Alfred Molina, Alison Brie, Laverne Cox, Connie Britton and Jennifer Coolidge all appear in Promising young womanWhile the story explores rape culture and what goes by the name ‘the nice guy’, Fennell’s cast also features famous faces that exude that ‘good guy’ vibe.

Remember McLovin ‘from Super bad, Schmidt explains New girl, Piz of Veronica Mars, & Seth Cohen from The OCChristopher Mintz-Plasse, Max Greenfield, Chris Lowell and Adam Brody all play with and against type for this revenge thriller. The guy who finally has a shot with Cassie is a stand-up comedian and Eighth grade writer / director Bo Burnham and yes, he sings.

Where to look

although Promising young woman still playing in theaters, we get it if you’re still nervous about going to the movies during a pandemic. Here are some ways to watch the movie.


Promising young woman is available on Apple TV, YouTube, Vudu, Google Play, Fandango Now and on-demand through your cable provider as a forty-eight hour rental for $ 19.99.

Amazon options

Promising young woman is also available through Amazon Prime Video for the same cost and time as the above methods. However, Amazon is already offering the DVD for pre-order if a physical copy is more your style. For Prime members, the soundtrack of the movie can now be streamed for free.

123 movies

If watching ‘free’ is more your style, 123movies is a great option if you don’t mind creating popups. We recommend using a VPN and searching for movies from the home page, not through a search engine.


Like 123movies, AZmovies is also a free option. With a wide variety of movies, both old and current, AZmovies is always a great site to have on your streaming list. The website also streams in HD.


With a strong interface and fast speeds, Flixtor is great if you want a free and reliable viewing experience. The website’s search engine makes finding the movie you are looking for a breeze.

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