Long Lost Family 2021 Episodes of New ITV Series and How to Watch Online

Long Lost Family is back for 2021 with a brand new series.

Hosts Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reunite more family members with their missing loved ones in five new episodes.


With the help of a team of trained intermediaries, DNA experts and researchers, Nicky and Davina find people who could not be detected before and answer questions that have haunted their entire lives. And at a time of international crisis, when many people have experienced separation from loved ones, these reunions are more poignant than ever.

Episodes will air on ITV Mondays at 9 p.m. starting January 18, 2021. You can also view them online and catch up at ITV Hub

The series has five episodes and ends on February 15.

Long Lost Family episodes 2021

Episode 1 – January 18

The series begins with two heartbreaking stories of divorce: a mother and father who struggled in vain to get their son back through court suffered a lifetime of loss; and a son’s search for his biological mother, who disappeared from his life when he was a baby.

Phyllis and Kevin Haran contacted Long Lost Family after more than 40 years of searching for their firstborn son. The couple fell in love in Ireland in the 1970s as teenagers and a few months after their relationship, Phyllis became pregnant. Aware of the scandal this would cause within their Catholic community, they devised a plan to flee to England to raise their baby.

But in London, their landlady found out they were keeping a baby in their flat and gave them less than 24 hours to get out. Homeless, unemployed and desperate to put their baby’s best interests first, they agreed through an agency to place their son with a family, with the option of adoption if they couldn’t find their feet.


Episode 2 – January 25
This week features two stories of missing relatives found far closer than the searchers could have ever imagined.

Our first story is about a mother who never overcame the decision that was made for her 50 years ago – to have her firstborn child adopted. Pauline Pedder got pregnant when she was just a schoolgirl in Huddersfield. Now 65, she longs to find her daughter, whom she has never forgotten.

When Long Lost Family begins the search, an unprecedented twist reveals that Pauline’s daughter lives in Huddersfield, has done her own research into her past, and knows a lot more about her biological mother than expected.

Meanwhile, intern Donna Cowell’s life in Blackpool is overshadowed by the fear of what happened to her younger brother. Growing up in the healthcare system and having a troubled childhood, Donna turns to Long Lost Family to find out if her brother avoided the same fate.

But what she could never have guessed is that it turns out that her brother lives around the corner with her.

Episode 3-1 Feb
This week, two stories take us around the world: a woman’s search for her biological mother in Sri Lanka and a search on behalf of a father longing to find his prodigal son.

The first story follows the journey of Yasika Fernando, separated from her Sri Lankan biological mother when she was adopted by a British couple just a few months old. Although Yasika has always known Sri Lanka as a birthplace, she only discovered the truth about her start in life at the age of 18. She has longed to find her biological mother ever since.

Yasika’s quest is unprecedented for Long Lost Family: in Sri Lanka, all information must be given to the adopted person himself, so with only a name and age to proceed, and the risk that even this sparse information could be faked, Yasika herself must going on a trip to Sri Lanka to search the ground. Will her journey provide further information or culminate in her greatest wish: to find her biological mother?

Richard Standen has never forgotten his son Darren, whom he last saw more than 50 years ago. Richard and his girlfriend at the time were only a teenager at the time and unwittingly agreed to have Darren adopted, something Richard has always regretted. Now 71, Richard has found Darren’s half-sister Kim, who was also reportedly looking for Darren. Kim’s mother Christine (Richard’s teenage girlfriend) died in 1997, desperate to find out what had happened to her son.


Episode 4-8 Feb
This week includes a foundling’s incredible journey to Hong Kong in search of information about her ancestry and a daughter’s desperate quest to fulfill her mother’s dying wish.

Many adoptees have no idea of ​​the first days of their lives, but for Claire Martin the first two years are missing. Left as a baby in Hong Kong, all she knows is that she arrived at Heathrow Airport in December 1962 and was adopted by a British couple. More than 50 years later, and still looking for answers, Claire travels to Hong Kong to ask for information. However, with the help of DNA, she finds family much closer to home.

More than 50 years ago, Nicki Goscomb’s mother, Janet, faced an impossible ultimatum; give her newborn son Nicholas up for adoption or have both of her children put up. She chose the former: Nicholas was adopted in 1966, while Nicki grew up with their mother. But Janet longed to find her son until the day she died. Now, decades later, Nicki and her sisters want to find Nicholas and tell him their mother has always wanted to keep him. Watch what happens when the Long Lost Family team starts the quest.

Episode 5-15 Feb
The series finale features two incredible stories of people desperate for missing family: a mother who lives with a heartbreaking decision she made as a child to give up her son for adoption – and a woman who is looking for a solution for a family. mystery and find her sisters.

Julie Johnson is a devoted mother and grandmother who has treasured the time she spent with her children and grandchildren. But there’s one child she hasn’t been able to see growing up or hit any of the milestones she witnessed with her other children – her first son Steven, who was born and put up for adoption when Julie herself was just a teenager. used to be.

Meanwhile, foster carer Susane King grew up with her very strict grandparents, estranged from her mother and without siblings. Then one day she heard a family secret … that she had two sisters who had been put up for adoption. Since then, Susanne has been desperate for them, hoping they have had a better childhood than hers.


Note: Episodes were filmed before the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions took effect.

Image: ITV

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