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Locke & Key: 7 details not to forget before watching the second season on Netflix

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Locke & Key: 7 details not to forget before watching the second season on Netflix
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The first season of Lock & Key was released on Netflix on February 7, 2020. So it’s been 20 months since that day and it’s normal that not all the details of the first episodes can be perfectly remembered. The second season of the series, created by Joe Hill, will air shortly before broadcast, and will be available on the red N platform from October 22, 2021. Here are 7 details to remember, useful for not feeling displaced by the first episodes of Lock & Key 2:

Lock & Key

Locke & Key: what is an ECO

In Locke & Key, an ECHO is the entity of a dead person who is locked in the House of the Well. These deceased are identical to how they were in life, so for better or for worse they reflect their old personality. ECOs cannot be killed.

The rules of the Casa Del Pozzo

The House of the Well traps an ECHO until it is voluntarily released by someone. To summon an ECHO, you need to go to the well of the Locke house with the Echo key. This way you can interact with the presence, but to really free him from leaving the House of the Well, you’ll need to use a second key, the one from All-Where. The ECHO can’t actually leave the door of the House of the Well, but the Everywhere key gives it access to every place it already knows.

The Triangle Lucas, Dodge, Gabe

One of the most important things to remember is what Lucas, Dodge and Gabe represent in the series. Lucas was a friend of Rendell or the late father of the Lockes. As a young Lucas, Rendell and other boys formed a close group of friends, who discovered the existence of the magical keys and the portal in the cave.

Locke & Key Lucas

During their excursion, Lucas was hit by one of the magical bullets that were ‘fired’ from the portal into the cave. So a demon took possession of Lucas. To prevent the demon from taking any more victims, Rendell was forced to kill his friend.

Locke & Key Dodge

Lucas or Ellie’s love hasn’t resigned to her boyfriend’s death, so she thought she could get him back with one of the magic keys. Ellie then used the ECO key to communicate with Lucas, but unfortunately she didn’t realize she was bringing back the demon that possessed him and not her lover. This demon took the form of Dodge who then, at the beginning of the first season, tricked little Herald Locke into escaping the House of the Well.

Locke & Key Gabe

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At the end of the first season, it is revealed that thanks to the major changes of face, Dodge has also impersonated Kinsey Locke’s friend and classmate. Gabe. This will of course have consequences for the story of the second season.

Kinsey’s fear

It’s important to remember that Kinsey Locke got rid of all her fears in the first season, thanks to the Open Head key. These were represented by a very creepy white-haired girl who, after the end of the first season, is still free.

The Disappearance of Ellie Whedon

Ellie Whedon was Lucas’s girlfriend and is the mother of Rufus (a friend of Bode’s). At the end of the first season, it is revealed that Dodge has devised a cunning plan to confuse the Lockes: He used the key change face to give Ellie her own face. In this way, Dodge practically confused the boys who – thinking of beating the ECHO – threw Ellie into the dimensional opening of the cave.

Locke & Key Ellie Whedon

Erin Voss, aka the Last Keeper of the Keys

Another character to remember is that of Erin Voss. In the first season, Erin is in a mental institution because she no longer speaks and seems to have no memory of her past. Erin was part of Rendell’s group called the Keeper of the Keys and after Ellie’s disappearance, she remains the last of the group. In the first season, it is revealed that Erin had been Rendell’s girlfriend before he met Nina, while in the eighth episode it is revealed that Erin is in this state because she is trapped in her own mind.

Who is Sam Lesser?

Sam was a classmate of Tyler’s who had several behavioral issues. Tyler’s father Rendell tried to help, but Sam was also approached by Dodge. The latter managed to exploit Sam’s weaknesses to sneak him into the Locke house in Seattle to search for the magic keys. On this occasion – seen in the flashback of episode 7 of the first season – Sam killed Rendell with a gunshot.

Locke & Key Sam Lesser

After serving time in prison for the crime he committed, Sam becomes an ally to Dodge. In the last act of the series dedicated to this character, Dodge stabs Sam by stealing the Open Head key, Sam tries to escape but goes through the haunted door with the corresponding key in hand. The door is locked by the police and Sam is forever a supernatural entity in Locke’s cemetery.

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