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Locke and Key Season 2: Will Kinsey and Scot End Up Together? End explained

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Locke and Key Season 2: Will Kinsey and Scot End Up Together?  End explained
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The series Locke and key by Netflix follows the children of the Locke family as they protect the magical keys to their ancestral home, Keyhouse. Having recently moved to Matheson, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode initially struggled to fit in, especially Kinsey. However, she eventually becomes a close friend of the eclectic group Savini, mostly because of Scotus’ endless friendly invitations.

Locke and Key Season 2

Since Season 1, Scot and Kinsey have had chemistry, but something has always gotten in the way. Scot has often clearly expressed his affection for Kinsey, but Kinsey remains undecided and nearly breaks Scott’s heart when she begins dating Gabe. The only positive side of Gabe revealed as a demon is that he’s now giving Scot and Kinsey one more chance at romance. Will they come out together? Let’s find out.

Will Kinsey and Scot end up together in Locke and Key Season 2?

When Kinsey starts dating Gabe, Scot first tries to come to terms with him, but realizes it’s too painful to not know for sure if Kinsey will ever be with him or not. So he agrees to remain close friends with her and continues to be part of the magical adventures that follow. However, as Season 2 progresses, Kinsey becomes increasingly suspicious of Gabe’s intentions. The fact that he refuses to let her see inside his head makes Kinsey feel closer to Scot, whose head she has been sitting on. In a way, despite his date with Gabe, Kinsey seems to trust Scot more and more.

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The real blow comes when Scot reveals that he can leave Matheson and return to England. Although she doesn’t show it, Kinsey is devastated and most likely realizes how important Scot is to her. The feeling is heightened when he reveals towards the end of Season 2 that he is not leaving and feels he should stay in Matheson. The two kiss and it seems that they are finally together.

Sadly, Season 2 ends on an ambiguous note, and we don’t see if Kinsey and Scot will officially start dating after sharing a brief kiss. The final scenes tell us that Kinsey is staying in Matheson while Tyler goes on a trip. Since Scot also decides to stay behind, there’s a chance they might end up together. The fact that he has risked his life for Kinsey multiple times also shows how devoted he is to her.

However, based on the dynamics between the two, it seems more likely that Kinsey and Scot will remain adventurous friends and henchmen rather than being a couple. Even if they go out briefly, it seems their personalities would create an unbalanced relationship (Scot is always the one who follows Kinsey’s orders). Ultimately, a long-term romance between the two seems highly unlikely. However, we can expect them to have many twisted magical adventures together.

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