Live broadcast (web series) review: a dead show without horror

Live Telecast (web series) review

Live broadcast (web series) review: I was so excited for the series to be on Hostar as I am a fan of the south movie industry these days, they come with great content and I was hoping the same with this series, finally the series is now released on the Hostar app and here in the post that I am going to review the series.

The web series stars Kajal Agarwal, the web series also stars Vaibhav Redy, Anaandhi, Daniel, Arunaachalam Subarmanum, Yogi Baabu, Premi Amareen and more. The web series directed by Venkat Prabhu. Let’s get to the review.


The plot was pretty clear from the trailer itself and all I was waiting to see something new, the series revolves around Jenny, (who is the director of a daily TV store show) and her team, they make a horror show based on the real stories, after massive success, their TRP starts to decline due to another show and then their show was called off. Jenny then decided to relaunch the show and in order to get more TRP they decided to go live on TV and record a Live Horror show. Things went wrong when the Reel characters came to life and they were confronted by the real ghost and he was chasing their team members, what happened next, to know this you have to watch the full series on Hostar.


Disappointed I was expecting so much from Kajal Agarwal but she failed here, she’s at her lowest point ever, I mean how can you act normal when you saw a man fly?, I don’t know how Kajal manage that is the same problem with the other characters if you act in the horror genre showing some fear, excitement … why there is a normal expression, there wasn’t even a single scene where acting was outside the park, acting was quite in in some places but in most places it fails.

Analysis, scenario and others

A few days ago I was watching Lahore Confidential in the name of a Thriller show and it was a joke in the name of a thriller and today I was watching Live Telecast in the name of Horrorshow and it was Dead Show. I don’t know why creators put Horror’s tag before a comedy show, trust me, I watched it all by myself and there wasn’t even a single scene that can turn me on. There is almost no horror, I thought “Choti Ganga Bol Ke Naale Mein Kuda Diya” (Vijay Raaz Dailouge from Run Movie).

The editing and screenplay of the series are very silly, the first 3 episodes are just boring and most viewers would stop watching the series after these episodes. The locations are decent and music is the only positive point of the series.

  • Series Name: Live Broadcast
  • Release date: February 12, 2021
  • Platform: Hotstar
  • Rating: 1.5 / 5
  • Recommended: No.
  • Episodes: 7
  • Duration: 3 hours Approx.
  • Recommended ?: No.

All in all

I’m going with 1.5 stars for the series, there is nothing new in the series, the series is the same old, outdated, silly and dead horror drama with no thrills. There is nothing special about the series and it is better to avoid it. If you are a fan of Kajal Aggarwal and still want to watch the series then go check it out on Hotstar, there are a total of 7 episodes in the series and they are all about 30 minutes long.

This was our review of the original Hotstar series Live Telecast, what’s your take on it? Let us know in the comment section, for more posts and reviews like this one about OTT movies and series, stay tuned with us.

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