Lisey’s story season 2: Will it be extended, canceled on Apple TV+?

Will there be one after today’s finale on Apple TV+ Lisey’s story season 2? Or is the Stephen King adaptation already done?

Well, there is one thing you should know right now: Lisey’s story was announced as a limited series from the start. There was never a concrete plan for a season 2, and we don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. There’s really no reason to continue the show after the finale, unless of course the people behind the scenes are constructing a new story.

Is there anything else possible in theory? Sure, since another King adaptation in King Under the dome took much longer than anyone expected. That said, we don’t really think that denken Under the dome had to go on as long as it did and it would have been better to just stay as a one season event. There are times when it’s better to just let a show go on its own.

If we were Apple, we’d like to find a way to collaborate with King on some other projects down the road in the future. He has such a rich library of material, even with some of his novels already adapted in the past. We think the main goal of the streaming service is simply to prioritize quality and make sure each of their projects is led by strong writing and a great cast. Less is sometimes more in the end – you don’t need multiple seasons to have a great show.

There’s another reason why Lisey’s story Season 2 doesn’t have to happen: Apple has plenty of other hit series right now! Think of Ted Lasso and all the awards it currently gets. Or think of the upcoming second season of The morning show.

Do you want to see one Lisey’s story season 2 on Apple TV+?

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