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‘Liplock’ web series Release date, plot, cast and everything else | Adda Times

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Adda Times comes with a new Indian mystery thriller web series called ‘Liplock’. The Bengali web series ‘Liplock’ is currently streaming on Adda Times. ‘Liplock’ fell to the official Adda Times website and app for online viewing on January 20, 2020. The series has also been released in a Hindi dubbed version.

‘Liplock’ web series plot

The story of ‘Liplock’ is about a young person who experiences interaction with supernatural forces. He has a dark past when he killed his mother. His life becomes more and more complex after his mother’s death as the ghosts interact with him in real life and on social media. Things are taking a different turn and now he will fight for his life.

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‘Liplock’ cast from the web series

The show’s creators chose the cast based on their audition and the roles they played on screen before that. The series belongs to the mystery genre, so it took a brilliant cast to justify the characters.

  • Payal Roy
  • Pritha Sengupta
  • Ananya Das
  • Preetam Guha
  • Chandni Saha
  • Souman Bose
  • Sayan Das Gupta

Release date ‘Liplock’ web series

Mystery genre web series ‘Liplock’ is streamed on OTT Platform Adda Times. ‘Liplock’ was released on January 20, 2020. ‘Liplock’ has four episodes. The series’ cinematography has been done to amaze audiences and set high expectations. The web series is originally in Bengali but is also available in Hindi. – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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