Lil Uzi Vert responds to accusations of cultural appropriation

Just days after that Lil Uzi Vert debuted the huge implanted pink diamond in the center of his forehead, the rapper has been accused of cultural appropriation.

Early Sunday morning (Feb. 7), Uzi posted screenshots of his Instagram story to Twitter, featuring images of a woman and two men, believed to be from Hindu culture. The individuals have a symbolic mark in the center of their foreheads called Bindu. In Hindu culture, Bindi is associated with Ajna Chakra – or the third eye chakra – and stands for the subconscious mind.

Lil Uzi captioned the image: “I’m just an average guy,” including the guy shrugging emoji along with the gem and flame emojis.

A Twitter user by name @johnnyvh replied to the tweet, raising the issue of cultural appropriation. “Where do all people say cultural appropriation? I don’t think it matters if they are Asian cultures,” she tweeted yesterday afternoon.

In a currently unavailable tweet from a person via the Twitter handle @lmao_briannaa, she wrote to Uzi last night, saying, “So you supposedly know everyone’s intentions? Can you read minds now?”

This afternoon, the Philadelphia rapper replied to @ lmao_briannaa’s post saying, “Hey glad you’re sharing your thoughts and knowledge … but I’m not imitating anything I know about a lot and love different forms of art … you know know where the images come from? Honestly … I love you guys. “

Uzi’s post has since been deleted.

He then tweeted that Nav had done him Mahabharat, a Indian mythological television series from 2013. The photos Uzi first shared in his tweet that started accusations of cultural appropriation are believed to be screenshots of Mahabharat

Last week, Uzi’s millions of dollars pink diamond was the talk of the internet. He says he has gradually paid New York City-based jeweler Elliot Eliantte for the diamond over the course of more than three years. Eliantte was the first to unveil the diamond to the public last month. Lil Uzi Vert later gave fans a closer look at the stone last week.

It is unclear how much M is the first 2016 XXL Freshmen fell on his new face jewel, but he says it was over $ 2 million a carat and the diamond is nearly 11 carats in size.

XXL has reached out to a Lil Uzi Vert representative for a comment on the accusations of cultural appropriation.

See other fans calling Uzi below.

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