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Laxmii Movie Review with In-depth Analysis

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Laxmii Movie Review with In-depth Analysis

Laxmii movie Review:

Rating: 2.5 stars/5

In-depth Analysis

Our overall rating is not an average of the sub scores below

Direction:  2.5/5
Dialogues:  2.0/5
Music:        1.5/5
Visual appeal:  2.5/5

Laxmii Movie Review with In-depth Analysis

The film has no business calling itself a horror-comedy. Neither is it particularly funny nor is it all that scary. Talking of comedy, it’s of such poor quality that you crave for some genuine laughs.

Most of the first half is devoted to Asif trying to fit in with Rashami’s family and win over her father (played by Rajesh Sharma), leading to a lot of family comedy, reminding you of Kumar’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa — although this time around, the humor is stale, and at most places, forced.

I have seen Kanchana (2011), the inspiration for Laxmii, and never liked it but trust me, the remake is far worse than the original. With a mind-numbing approach to the transgender community and filmmaking, Laxmii is so absurd that after a while you may start screaming for no reason, just what Akshay Kumar does in the film.

It’s a complete mockery of the audience’s intelligence and a big blow to Disney+ Hotstar’s chances to stand in the way of other major Indian OTT players.

Only Good Points:

In terms of performances, while Kumar is in full form and dependably strong, the portions in which he plays the transgender character are more impactful than his regular self. He’s quite convincing as a trans person.

The last 40-minutes, however, somewhat make up for the shortcomings. Kumar’s intense moves and the comfort with which he plays such an unusual character is commendable. Though his performance isn’t enough to salvage the film.

Watch Or Not??

It is not a must-watch Movie.

It also gives Sadak 2 an outside chance to redeem itself as the second-worst film of the year.

As are we, the viewers. These two hours aren’t coming back.

Usually, even in a bad Akshay Kumar movie, you laugh at some puns but this one is totally devoid of any fun. Don’t let your conscience blame you for the rest of your life.

Stay away from Laxmii’s film. We have anyway a pandemic to deal with. Let there be one less problem.

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