Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 12 Promo: Elevator Fight!

Law & Order: Organized CrimeJust in case someone wasn’t excited enough for Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 episode 12 next week on NBC, the promo below should do the trick!

From our point of view, it’s pretty obvious that Richard Wheatley’s saga is messy. Well, it’s about to get that much messier when Stabler decides to find another way to get inside Wheatley’s head: get closer to Angela Wheatley. The promo shows some of what will happen here as Elliot drinks and eats her wine, figuring it’s a good way to get under his skin. It turns out it’s successful, and it leads to the two men having an outright brawl in an elevator. Things get crazy, and of course we imagine someone is going to intervene. At this point in the story, we will by no means see Wheatley shut down.

The real x-factor in this whole story for us is Angela, mostly because there’s a lot more going on with her than many characters realize. Stabler already realizes that not all was as it seems when it comes to her injury, but there is still more to be done here when it comes to the cause. But regardless of her own motives, Elliot is putting blinders on many things right now. He acknowledges that the most important thing right now is that Angela is the key to getting Richard – this is a manipulation game going on right now and Elliot is trying to get Richard to get all the more unhinged.

We know there will be other stories to come Organized crime without Wheatley around, but we’ll admit we’re going to miss the Big Bad when it’s gone. He’s been such a great foil during his time.


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