La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist Season 5 Confirmed on Netflix? Expected Release, New Characters and Much More.

Money Heist has a huge fan following all across the globe. Only after some time of its Season 4, Fans started speculations for the Money Heist Season 5. Viewers are desperately waiting for the upcoming season.

After all, It is never too early to look forward to our favorite ones.

Creator Álex Pina also hinted at the possibility of La Casa de Papel‘s future:

“We do have many possibilities for some spinoffs”

Is Money Heist Season 5 confirmed?

A Big Yes !! Netflix would definitely bring Money Heist Season 5 for its viewers undoubtedly. Money Heist is in buzz everywhere. So Netflix will leave no stone unturned for this popular series Next Seasons.

Money Heist Season 5 will be the next successful series for Netflix if ever made. So It will be throwing money down the drain if they didn’t press on with one of their most popular originals of all-time.

But Keep in mind one thing that It is not verified by the head honchos at Netflix Head Quarters yet.

But  Spanish site Marca has already announced that both a Money Heist season 5 and season 6 have been confirmed. – Yes- You heard it right!!

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Most Expected Story of Money Heist Season 5

  • The disgraced inspector

The next season will feature Alicia Sierra in a big way. She’s already established herself as the only person who can rival even the Professor’s ability to scheme and stay one step ahead and her skills have made her the thorn in the team’s side.

Now that she doesn’t answer to any authority, after being stripped of her job for Rio’s torture, Alicia is a rogue agent and she is perhaps more dangerous than she ever was.

  • After walking away with €984 million from the National Mint of Spain, one would think that La Casa de Papel/Money Heist‘s robbers would unzip their red jumpsuits and retire with their fortune. But you’d be wrong. Much like Danny Ocean of the Ocean’s Eleven series, the Professor and his friends are always game for another heist.

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When will Money Heist Season 5 release on Netflix?

With an expected delay in filming, we’re probably going to see the series return at some point in 2021.

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