Kumkum Bhagya wrote the September 24 episode updates and more:

KumKum Bhagya is a television soap drama with a lot of fans all over India. The series has been taking an exciting turn lately and all viewers are excited to know what will follow next. So do not worry; in today’s episode we’ll talk about everything that happened in the September 24, 2020 episode. Check out all the written updates for the latest episode below.

Kumkum Bhagya wrote the September 24 episode updates:

This episode begins with Ranbir’s family being extremely happy to be home. Aryan confesses that Rahul helped them bring the truth to the fore, but Vikram says otherwise. He says it was Prachi who brought out the truth. Vikram also adds that she is the hero, heroine and superwoman to them, risking her life to save Ranbir’s. Rhea overhears the conversation, and Ranbir adds that Prachi is his only true friend as he praises her again. Pallavi also says that Prachi is an angel without wings, and this makes Rhea very jealous.

Later that time, Vikram and Dadi both have the conversation that Ranbir should marry someone like Prachi. Vikram suggests to Dadi that they should ask Prachi to marry Ranbir, but he also warns Dadi not to go to Prachi’s house without consulting him. As the episode progresses, we see Rhea crying out loud and saying that Ranbir loves Prachi. Rhea finds out where Aryan and Ranbir are hiding their stash of beer on the patio, and she goes to drink it. Aliya finds her on the terrace and feels sorry for her. Aliya asks her to wait so she can bring her some food because she looks miserable. She also finds out that on Rose Day, Ranbir is going to propose to Prachi with a red rose. Rhea says she would be alone forever.

Meanwhile, Pragya yells at everyone that they are leaving without notifying her of the wedding. Sarita, Shahana and Prachi all ask for her forgiveness. Later, Sarita tells her to call Prachi’s father, who can help in this situation, which will also ease Pragya’s tension. Ranbir enters Prachi’s room with a red rose, and they both share a very romantic moment. All this drama is set in the episode of KumKum Bhagya on September 24, 2020. More such poignant dramas will follow, like who is going to marry Ranbir will be a question. What will happen to Rhea, and much more. Stay tuned to World Wire for more updates on the latest TV series.

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